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Roleplaying on In Por Ylem (Ultima Online)

Hail and well met, stranger!  In Por Ylem has launched!  Roleplaying guilds are forming and are looking for YOU!  Do you miss that nostalgic feel of grouping up with strangers in the woods to kill liches?  How about fighting evil player controlled orcs?  All of this is back!

The server just hit a milestone of 1500 players logged in tonight!  Come be a part of the action!  Read up on all the changes and new rules that Azaroth has put in place on the wiki:

Roleplay guilds currently active:  [Yew], Various orc clans, And two city based guilds out of Skara Brae and Vesper!

(I don't know the orc's websites or the Vesper guild's site)

Fare thee well!

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