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Trying the game out

momodigmomodig Member UncommonPosts: 555

I like the dwarve models in the game - but it seems they are only crafters? or can they fight aswell?  Also, how is the solo'ing in this game? I'm not a powerlevler or in a hurry.



  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196

    The Dwarfs have 2 classes. Artisians who are the crafters that make weapons and armors and then you have the Bounty Hunter that has skills that allow them to farm and gather materials that are used for crafting. the game has changed so much that crafting does not become a factor for dwarfs till high level since most of the lower level gear is in shops now. Back in the day all gear was needed to be crafted but thats not the case now.

    Dwarves have always been not that good in pvp but the new High Five update is giving them a huge boost. They can solo pretty well imo but lack the attack strength and killing speed so it will take time for you to level. I recommend trying another class first before rolling a dwarf.

  • momodigmomodig Member UncommonPosts: 555

    what mystic class would you recomend for solo? at this point I don't have much interest in pvp

  • RavenRaven Member UncommonPosts: 2,005

    Dwarves are a good race for your second account, when you become experienced with the game, the game has indeed changed a lot, before C2 and through prelude you could play pretty much every class, and dwarfs particularly where very good, guilds pretty much spoonfed their crafters to get SS when they were only available from crushing D grade and buying C grade from the luxury shops, weapons and armor were very rare past C grade, I remember when C grade helmets were non existent and guilds/alliances came together to do the coin collector hunter's village quests to get helmets. But enough with the nostalgia.

    Problem with casters I find is that you run out of mana fairly quickly even with the new pots and then its painful to sit down for 5-10min to wait for it to regen, for leveling and soloing melee seems to be the best at least when I last played you get VR buffs ( gives you HP on hit ) until high level and you barely need any buffs with the herbs, and more importantly your not dependant on other ppl to continue steady XP when no one is online ( getting into a good guild doesnt mean you get groups all the time  specially if they are all high level ).

    Another thing to take into account specially when you get more used to the game is getting a second account to have a buffer and/or crafter that you can slowly level and make some money on the side, even when not playing just leaving a D grade dwarf in town crafting soulshots can be quite profitable over time, even more if you sign up for the seals and go the extra mile of selling soulshots at the entrance of catacombs with a small markup. Personally I would pick a dagger user, Archers are a lot of fun but a bit of a money sink until you understand the economy, a bladedancer is also a very neat class to play, not as fun as a dagger ( I find the overwhelming amount of skills on the rogue awesome despite some of them being classed as useless pretty much ), with the BD you can solo fine and your wanted in groups very often which can give you a really nice experience.

    But mannish will more likely give you a better overview of how it is now.


    PS: Just a tip if you do end up playing an archer, I dont know if this still happens, but back in Teon before the merges you would get casters farming spots non stop with buffers etc.. and because they never left the place for hours they never picked up the arrows, not only to they weight a ton and after a short while a caster will be overwhelmed by the weight they sell for nothing, unless ofc your an archer, the floor used to be with thousands of arrows around these ppl, if you want to save yourself a few mil leveling, get a character there and just pick them all up once in a while and you can keep a free stock of arrows and not spend money on those. You will still pay a heavy price until B grade on bows spending a shit load of soulshots but its absolutely worth it.

    Efficiently managing your character's money is essential for you to have a good experience later in the game, if you manage it well, do quests when you can repeatable when you are farming a certain area, sell goods when they are worth the most and participate in the in-game events, you can do pretty well, and while it is widely accepted that it is hard to get gear at the right levels ( ie. change grades of gear ) it is possible if you plan ahead and know how to the market works.


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