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Community Issues

Well, as one who spoke very highly of this game, I have to now admit the community is getting bad.  The population is soaring, and lots of players and ships everywhere, but the school chat (the games only global/help line) has been overrun by kids.  They fight, argue, bring up inappropriate topics as if it's inappropriate nature alone makes it funny.   Most unfortunately, they give out really bad advice purposely to new players.  Im not certain why this behavior is fun for the younger players,  but it's truly ruining the experience for myself.  I'm wondering if this is why some players have mocked any and all free to play games.  I always assumed it was the presence of a cash shop.  Since the cash shop in this game is in no way game breaking, I thought this particular free to play near perfection.  However, this element of younger players behaving this way makes me embarrassed to even play games at my age.  Anyone else experiencing a degrading of the community?


  • HerodesHerodes Member UncommonPosts: 1,494

    This game is apparently a very old game, because after one week of playing I didn´t feel the need to visit the shop at all.

    As for the school chat: it seems like it is limited to about 50-100 people, mostly filled with no-lifers or people who let their PC run 24/7 afk selling stuff in their shop. I was only able to join the chat twice because of a server or zone crash.
    It is indeed sad that newbies are unable to join this chat and ask questions. Instead you have people there with 36-gun-ships asking where they can sell apples.

    But nonetheless it is a fine little game occupied me for a week now. 2 days ago I had a shipbuilder selling me a Caravel for 200k (NPC 290k), so the community is not that bad. Partially because it is a slower paced game I guess.

  • srasmsrasm Member UncommonPosts: 42

    While I have heard some really silly "discussions" in school chat recently I don't think there are more kids, just more people new to the game. It has become noticely harder to join school chat, and maybe that is a good thing.

    I hope they are going to limit school chat by level, limit it to those who actually are doing school quests, give us more chat rooms, regional chat or something similar.

  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    If you are having problems joining school chat this game has a GA system where you can ask selected players any questions


    the few I know are IGN








    I dont know the rest but if you wisper to these players they will sure help you out



  • RedMonkRedMonk Member Posts: 31

    Welcome to the internet circa 2011.

    I had the same experience with another f2p game.  It was also invaded by kids who saw it as an extension of their grade/high school level social life.

    This is happening in all games really, as they have gone mainstream.  The solution is to find a game that is heavily guild-based, and just interact with like-minded people.

    This means of course, that you have to play a bigger game that will have a critical mass for your guild.

    Never criticize a "sandbox" game on mmorpg.com. You will be drowned in a wave of kool-aid drinking fanbois.

  • GrayGreeneGrayGreene Member Posts: 239

    Which guild based game are you playing right now?  Any recommendations?  And please don't say anything by Square Enix, lol.  

  • RedMonkRedMonk Member Posts: 31

    Pretty much all the big games will have a guild where you can feel at home.  The problem is though, that you may have to track down a guild on the official forums rather than naturally in game.   This is what happens when the lowest common denominator ruins the virtual world.

    I played Lord of the Rings Online when it was sub-based, and joined a big, well-run kin (= guild).  Not sure what Lotro is like now after going f2p.  If you like PvP, Guild Wars might be a good choice (with Guild Wars 2 coming out sometime in the next year).  This is what I am playing now.

    Never criticize a "sandbox" game on mmorpg.com. You will be drowned in a wave of kool-aid drinking fanbois.

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