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Too easy!!

This game is way way to easy to get places in. I was a talior max lvl and soemthing else master cant remeber, when I played it the beggining of this year.

I just grinded out items 500 there 800 there till I was a guy with a house, and mining all over the place. I only had to come on the game every day to check out the miners and maybe move them, craft 400 of this or that and leave.

Now I did not play and fighters or such I was purly a crafter, so maybe I am being a bit harsh.
I played this game for 1 month and was a high lvled bored person by the end.

Although I love Star Wars, and No I have not played the expansion, but this is my opinion at the time, this game was to much grinding of items for me and not enough depth. I like to play crafers and people that create things in games like this more than I like to destroy.

So this, as most my reviews, include that side of the argument. I need a game where I can craft but where it is fun easy, but If I want to get complicated I can pull out my book or nearly immpossible recipes and crate something challenging, and this game the challenge is make 400 of them, which in my opinion is monatonus.

Also As I believe all MMorpg should have is a exp points for everything you do, like running into a bunch pissed off group creatures and dieing that would teach you a lesson.

We learn more for our failures than we do from our Successes.


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236

    Its very strange to hear this from a tailor. All the successful SWG tailors I know are HIGHLY social creatures, talking a lot with customers and crafting items personalized to their customers. Sure, to level to master you CAN, but dont have to grind. But then you can be creative as hell as tailor, even do marriage clothing for groups of 50 .. or design outfits for whole guilds etc. These tailors can usually be found at any top server events and are some of the most visible persons on the server (on Naritus there is one tailor called Nursebetty who is both one of the most well liked and talented people).

    If you want a challenge as a tailor, add bioengineered clothing to your repertoire. And if you master BioEngineer yourself, you have just entered one of the most challenging and arcane professions that SWG has to offer.

    Bioengineering pets is modern day alchemy, with highlights and frustration, with recipes and multi-generational Frankenstein breeding and much crawling around in the remotest, wildest places on the adventure planets, sticking DNA sampling needles into the nether parts of Rancors. And believe me ... THAT will get your adrenaline pumping.

    So you have it all, socializing, adventure, exploring the secrets of crafting and your own creativity.

    Have fun


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