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What is YOUR experience with Star Trek Online?

casmogacasmoga Member Posts: 29

You are an active Star Trek Online player? Or have you given Star Trek Online a fair chance in the past but stopped playing for one reason or another? Please write about your experience and let the others know what YOU THINK about this game. 

The purpose of this thread is to COLLECT EXPERIENCES from Star Trek Online players. NO DISCUSSIONS or ARGUING with players who think they "know better". If you see a POST from someone where you THINK they did not give the game a fair chance, please IGNORE it. If you see a POST where you THINK the poster is a liar or biased, please IGNORE it.

Let the readers decide what they want to believe.

And please ... if you do NOT have actual experience playing Star Trek Online, please do NOT post in here!


So ...




* NO QUOTING or COMMENTING Posts from others!


1 PERSON, 1 POST. Period.


Thank you.



  • apollobsg75apollobsg75 Member Posts: 66

    My experience in STO was as follows: move to destination on a POTBS map get in instance, fly around in a circle to kill 5 rats in the form of klingon ships klingon patrols ect. Land on planet run in a pattern to scan 5 items and maybe kill 5 groups. No point to pvp. Fake crafting. I made it to admiral science, captain engineer, and commander tactical.


    The game is just kill 10 rats in Star Trek skins. Its more Warhammer 40K if you think about it. Replace "For the Emporer!" with "For the Federation!" anyone who is not federation must be destoyed.  In the grim darkness of the 24th century, there is only war.

  • erictlewiserictlewis Member UncommonPosts: 3,021

    My experiance was as follows.

    15 days part time I was RA, then it was boring reputation over and over and over.  Cancled sub before the end of my free 30 days. Enough said.

    Easy mode, and not star trek like even with the few missions that took you into some of the lore of the game.

  • Vealcutlet10Vealcutlet10 Member Posts: 10

    I looked forward to and followed this game for 2 years before launch. This included thinking it was a dead project before Cryptic took on the IP.

    I played 1 month of the game immediately following it's release. I was also involved in the BETA, for about a month.

    After a month of game time the boredom kicked in. There was no where close to enough variation in gameplay. It was always the same thing. Go here, kill or scan this. Initially, I was very excited about the ability to "beam" down to a planet and have land based combat. After 2 or 3 of these I became extremely annoyed at the amount of small bugs and glitches. The IA of your away team really bother me too. Nothing seemed to work the way i had expected it to.

    So I stopped playing after only 1 month.

    I don't know what the state of the game is now, or if it's worth paying a monthly subscription. However, knowing Cryptic titles, this is a company who always seems to care more about the number of "life-time subscriptions sold" then actual stimulating gameplay. Which is the reason I haven't given the game another chance.


    Thats my opinion, thanks for asking.

  • raistalin69raistalin69 Member Posts: 575

    confusion from extrememly poor explanations of what various skilsl do... decide to make engineer.

    play through starter mission...WTF??? im killing borg... shouldn't this be further into the game?

    finish starter mission... im a captain of a starsship????? no having to work your way up? this doesnt look good.

    repeat mission of a- kill x of this ship b- beam down and kill x of this mob or c- scan 5 glowy things

    no crafting, no real pvp, bad ground combat, incredibly repetitive. REALLY BAD GAME.


    uninstall game after about 10 days..... wonder why  i spent money on such a crappy game.


  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,148

    When I first started playing I loved the game.  The space combat was okay and I liked the ground mission.  I liked having my own crew etc.

    After awhile I thought. . . I don't know what people are thinking.  The "random" use of the same types of missions are enough to keep it interesting and there is a story line to follow.  This was about 4 days in.

    On the 6th day I was running a ground mission and it was exactly the same as another mission I had done except for the text.  The tactics were the same etc. etc.  I died during this mission and could just not log back in.

    It is not just that the game play is repetative (which it sure is).  Mount and Blade has one of the most repetative types of game play of any game I have ever played aside from Pacman. . yet it is always fun.  Not so much with StarTrek.  I am also a fairly strong fan of the IP.  I don't think they butchered it but it was a lure for me. . just not enough of one I guess.  I even joined a fleet which helped a bit. 

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

  • AG-VukAG-Vuk Member UncommonPosts: 823

    Klingon Exprience : PvP until you just can't stand it anymore. Both ground and space. Do Nebulas until you gag . Maxed level , STF's = easy , not much of a challenge , just CC.  Came back for free weekend : Slider on expert mission completed ( little to no challenge ) , pvp'd nothing changed other then now Feds have cloaked ships.

    Fed Experience : God, could it be anymore monotonous. While the main story arches start well and are actually interesting, they quickly fade to being excessively repeatative in structure and objectives. Fed PvP = an excersice in futility in pugs. Wow , were they ever terrible.

    Ground Combat : = Expose,  vaporize , done.

    Fleets = nothing. They have no purpose or function in game . Pointless .

    Crafting : Just stab me in the neck with a rusty spoon. By the time you get the necessary crafting mats you've already leveled past whatever it is you could possibly make, that would be useful. Not to mention that the items really add nothing to gameplay . Pretty well useless in game. There is nothing that's crafted that you can't  get as a drop or mission reward that isn't as good or better.

    Diplomacy = why ? Other then to have it in game what is the actual gameplay mechanic that it's useful for ? Buff's ? Alternate mechanic to given missions, no.

    The game has basically useless game mechanics that aren't integrated into the game,( crafting , Diplo , bridges etcc...)  but are just there for the sake of it. It becomes obvious little thought went into the game design , but is it surprising when it only took 16 to 20 mo start to finish design wise. I'm not fond of being a avatar in the ST universe with CO powers. SFC series should have been the ship combat model at a minimum. All these special powers and abilites just ruin the game , because it's much more difficult to balance.

    Graphics are nice and undoubtily will improve. The game is overly cartoony.

  • CalibanvovCalibanvov Member UncommonPosts: 192

    I played the first month when it first came out.

    It wasnt bad,  I liked the space combat, and the ground combat was pretty good despite what people say.


    It just didnt hook me to keep playing.  Sort of like the same mission feel repeated, and was my character really developing?


    I think I should of gave it more of a chance,  I might revisit at some point.

    Oh Yeah!   One thing that had me agrivated, was the fact you had to 'pay extra' for the added cool stuff.  On top of the game cost and Monthly fee?  So now I'm playing againts players with an advantage who payed more?


  • CaltoneCaltone Member UncommonPosts: 15

    Originally posted by Calibanvov

    It just didnt hook me to keep playing.  Sort of like the same mission feel repeated, and was my character really developing?


     Pretty similar to my experience although I didn't play it for the first time until 6 weeks ago.  I'm a life long fan of the show and enjoy sci-fi in general.  I've also played MMO's since classic EQ.  Even so, the initial reviews of this kept me away for awhile.  Over the holidays, there were some great deals around and I took advantage of one of those to give this  try.  I had a blast with this game the first couple of weeks but that was the high water mark and the appeal kept dropping to the point where I canceled my account before the trial month was over.  I may pick this up again but I tend to agree with the above that it felt a little repetitive and character development was not only a little confusing but didn't seem to be going anywhere.


  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Member UncommonPosts: 1,353

    In start before 11 month i was hardly disapointed,I haved feeling it is single play game without content,but  not leave(old ST fan),I am stay give chance and now I am lifer from october.

    Enjoing in game with  new friends from all world.Comunity is important reason for keeping play,for me.

    For me STO is beter then last crapy ST movie.

  • A_hiA_hi Member Posts: 87

    Played for about 14 days total.

    First week, I actually did have fun, the missions were slightly repetitive and the ground combat I really hated but I enjoyed the space pew pew a lot.

    Second week I hit VA on my character, discovered that there was no endgame content whatsover and quit the game in disappointment two weeks before my free month expired.


  • VaragorVaragor Member Posts: 11



    I waited STO about 7 years, since Perpetual Entertainment announced this game. No i'm lying, I waited longer, since Destiny Wind was introduced (free ST MMO so to say). After Cryptic took Perpetual project over, I followed Cryptic forum threads and got excited and after not accepted into beta, i preordered STO. But disappointment was big, even so big, i can say it's biggest disappointment i ever had about game. I'm big ST fan, it might explain something. But basic reason is I have played before STO text-based ST MUD/MOO/MUSE's (text based multi user worlds, main goal/pressure is put to role play (RP)).

    I played STO 3 months, got almost Captain (so you can see I played bit by bit) and got so bored, that I put my subscription to hold and wait for better times. Basic problem isn't absense of dynamic world and content (ofcourse it's important too), but instanced sandboxes with minimal dynamic, no roleplay possibility (yes you can do this somekind of artificially), very repeatitive, many bugs (many of them are still unrepared), something-else-skinned-as-ST feeling, not autentical ST world(s), mainly war and fighting (from my understanding not very ST in concept, ST is much much more when that), no diplomacy (ok it has some missions by now, but it's "do 5 thing of this and that, but without shooting or shoot as minimal as possible), it's like one player game with network support. One thing it's made very easy, solely for average user to play. Ok, i'm not fan on PvP, but this game doesn't do even PvP right. Crafting isnt my thing also, so i never really look at it deeply, but like many others say, it isn't crafting as we know from other MMO-s.

    But what can I say? If you expect some daily (half or a hour) routine or routine like fun, it's game for you. If you expect deeper social live, roleplay possibilty, dynamic and autentical ST universe, diplomacy, to say second live environment, this game isn't for you.


    That's my opinion. I'm not mad at Cryptic or so or isn't mad about STO, I'm just disappointed that I was waiting nearly 10 year for graphical virtual ST universe and now I must just wait even more. Maybe future has better luck for me. Live long and prosper!


    Edit: Fixed some typos and sentences. Sorry, english isn't my native language.



  • ktanner3ktanner3 Member UncommonPosts: 4,061

    I enjoyed it until the end of the second month. Missions were very repetitive and I started to get bored. The community was also the worse I've ever seen. On the community forum the lifers had a habit of ganging up on players who had legitimate concerns with the game. The final straw for me was when a dev gave me a smart ass remark to a question of mine. I thanked him for his rudeness and cancelled.  Haven't been back since and never will. Cryptic has joined SOE on my "won't give your game the time of day" list.

    Every once in a while in the SWG or STO forums you'll see a "Just came back and I love this game" thread from a poster you've never heard of before. Take those with a VERY heavy grain of salt.

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  • LyulfeLyulfe Member Posts: 213

    IP cash grab reskin of their existing game. Nothing more.


    I wish Bioware had gotten the license to be honest. Given the layers of morality and politics that make up the Star Trek lore the Bioware dialogue wheel and story based gameplay would have fit perfectly.


  • Nerf09Nerf09 Member CommonPosts: 2,953

    I downloaded free trial a couple days ago, played for 2 hours.  Did the intro quest then did another quest in an instance, only available quest for free trials.  Stood inside earth docking station looking out window and listened to people talk about Grinding out quests and Daily's in chat.  Saw a gold selling advertisement in chat, then I slayed some orcs.  Whoah, Deja-vu

    Space battles don't feel like Starfleet Command, don't feel like capital ship engagements.

    The warping was interesting, I was wondering how they would do that, graphics are pretty except for the fact that I was wearing Spider Man's uniform from a mob drop.  The drops had descriptions like +2 to this or that, and +10 to the other thing.

    I just finished watching the Southpark Episode "You're Getting Old", and now I'm really bummed out.

  • FleshMaskFleshMask Member UncommonPosts: 249

    I am a huge Star Trek fan, but I was sorely dissapointed.

    I got the game when it first came out. I expected to rise in the ranks to take command of a ship, but the handed it out to ensigns like candy. This game is not a MMORPG, just a simple single player game under two formats: Space Combat, Ground Combat.

    Interaction with other players is reduced to Space Combat, and the lack of depth in the small clunky Chat window.

    Everyone in the game isn't a RP Starfleet officer, and they remind you by the gamer handles:

    [email protected]

    It is REALLY REALLY hard to immerse yourself in the game, and RP with people when they are tags and not people. The game itself isn't really serious about itself... a Dance Club, where uniform Starfleet do ridiculous dances?

    Originally posted by ktanner3

    The community was also the worse I've ever seen. On the community forum the lifers had a habit of ganging up on players who had legitimate concerns with the game.

    Ktanner3 is correct, North Korea was more laxed than the Cryptic STO forum. Every legitimate question I had about game was slammed hard or toss out, and I was in favor of supporting the game. Life Subscribers and Forum Moderators are out there banning people like it was a blood sport...

    The C-Store is Garbage, rather than present the challenge of unlocking items, ships, or uniforms, they took the cash option and had every rich kid buy themselves non-exclusive unearned junk. I rather have earned the TNG uniforms rather than shell out money.

    I am an old Star Trek fan... I love everything Trek, it doesn't take much to make me happy...

    I didn't hate this game, just really sorely dissapointed... I hate to sound like a Troll, but I think Cryptic killed Star Trek for me.


  • sibs4455sibs4455 Member UncommonPosts: 369

    I too fell for all the glowing hype about this game. 


    I payed for this so called mmo thinking this was going to be my home for the next few years. I looked forward to building my charactor stats and eventually captaining the Enterprise and then boldly go ........ but that was never going to happen once i realised that i had been duped and payed money for a third rate game.


    I reached maxed level in the Federation in less than 2 weeks, i reached maxed level in Klingons in just over 2 days. There was nothing left to do in the game.

    I remember posting on the official forums with lots of others about lack of end-game, i still laugh now when i remember the replys we got, the best reply was ofcourse from Craptic "those that don't get it" .


    Then Cryptic has the cheek to charge for this garbage and also have the balls to have a cash-shop, to me this just beggars belief.



    In my opinion:  i partially blame the game reviewers and the sites that these reviews are posted on, i have learned my lesson now and will never part with money on a game i have not tryed.

  • Logos1326Logos1326 Member UncommonPosts: 240

    I admit I was one of the pre order people.. preordered and got a lifetime because I bought the hype and thought it was going to be a game I would get at least 3-4 solid years out of especially since I love Star Trek.. I got about 5 out of Guild Wars after all. First month got bored grinding the same old recycled missions after about 2 weeks. By the second month had already maxed out and found there was nothing to do. Then Cryptic started pushing their c-store and cracking down on their forum because of the massive outrage over it so I left.

    A year later came back, played for a couple more weeks just to try out the new missions. Cut scenes were nice, new missions were fun, but it was still the same game I got bored with after about a month of play... so lesson learned, never buy the hype, never pre-order, never buy lifetime subs, and always play a trial first especially if the game is a big IP.

  • Paradigm68Paradigm68 Member UncommonPosts: 890

    I did the free trial. Bottom line for my preferences the game was far too shallow to be an MMO much less an MMO based on the incredibly rich Star Trek IP.

  • SpandexDroidSpandexDroid Member Posts: 277

    Only thing I liked was the character customization. After creating my alien, everything was a train wreck. Lasted 2 weeks in-game, not even my guild could make me stay.

  • nolfnolf Member UncommonPosts: 859

    As an avid Star Trek fan, I was dissappointed when I heard STO was going to feature a "everyone is the Capt of their own ship" style of play.  Unlike a lot of folks, it wasn't enough for me to swear off trying it forever, but I didn't try it until it had been out a full year.  I went in knowing that it wasn't the sandbox in space I felt the IP truly deserved, but I wanted to give it a go anyway.


    I don't remember ever being SO bored SO quickly with an MMO.  I hadn't even gotten my first ship upgrade before I started feeling like I was on a repetetive treadmill grind.  I enjoyed creating my character and running a few missions, but before long, I was just running the same missions over and over and over and over.  The only changes really seemed to be which NPC gave it to me, where they sent me, and who I was up against.

    When I got bored with that, I tried to see what PvP in space was all about in STO.  After waiting in queues for HOURS at a time over the course of the week, I literally didn't see a single queue fill up enough to actually play.  This was a devastating fail for STO for me.  Maybe it was just that no lower-lvl characters were PvPing, but from my perspective, no one seemed to be.

    Everyone else in the game seemed to be going about their daily virtual life as if there wasn't another soul in the galaxy, which was about as far from STO as it gets for me.  The missions were stale by my first ship upgrade, there was no PvP and no social aspects I could find to enjoy.  This is an MMO right?

    DS9 wasn't bustling with activity, space seemed very empty despite all the ships I could see out there.  It basically felt like a lonely, bad single player experience I was expected to fork over a monthly fee for.  I didn't.  Fortunately I got the box for under $5, and honestly, that's about all it was worth to me.


    STO just isn't for the serious MMOers OR the serious Trekkies, in my eyes.  I don't mean to speak for anyone, I'm sure there are those in both demographic who enjoy the game.  But I think as a whole, it failed across the board.  They failed at proper implentation of lore and good game mechanics.  Klingons with tribble pets?  Come at me, bro!  They made a mediocre attempt at writing content that was related to the IP instead of leaning heavily on the IP for content.  Instead of making a game fit the IP, they used what parts of the IP fit the game.  Bad move for a major and treasured IP, imho.


    Then you have the bugs.  Mind you, I played ONE YEAR AFTER RELEASE.  I was running into bugs in the starter missions.  When I went and searched the forums I found that THESE BUGS WERE REPORTED IN THE BETA.  Pathetic.  This game isn't good, it wasn't made well and its not kept after properly.


    Add to all this mediocrity as cash shop, and you have a failgame.


    One of the blandest and most boring gaming months of my life.  Thanks STO!

    I really hope that *insert game name here* will be the first game to ever live up to all of its pre-release promises, maintain a manageable hype level and have a clean release. Just don't expect me to hold my breath.

  • TheAestheteTheAesthete Member Posts: 264

    Originally posted by nolf


    Then you have the bugs.  Mind you, I played ONE YEAR AFTER RELEASE.  I was running into bugs in the starter missions.  When I went and searched the forums I found that THESE BUGS WERE REPORTED IN THE BETA.  Pathetic.  This game isn't good, it wasn't made well and its not kept after properly.



    I was in beta and didn't actually buy the game until a year later, for about five bucks. I do think, on the one hand, that people trash the game more than it deserves (sort of like with Dragon Age II: when an average student gets a B, it's a decent grade, but when the class valedictorian gets a B, it means they aren't valedictorian anymore, so it gets treated like a catastrophe -- the Star Trek IP being the valedictorian in this analogy, not Cryptic), but it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that bugs for simple missions that were there in beta are still in the game now. 

    Veteran players, making their third or fourth toons, don't notice because they avoid entire categories of misssions by habit. But a new player can spend five hours on a mission chain with no payout because of a bug that's been there for well over a year. And when you search on the forum only to find age-old bug reports wtih no new comments this calendar year? It makes a game look cheap and sad.

  • AG-VukAG-Vuk Member UncommonPosts: 823

    This should be summed up as C-Store. FYI a new hitch will probably be coming soon.

    There's also the possibility, at some point, that there'll be a way to profit off of content you create. "We're not quite sure yet exactly how we'll want to make that work," said Velasquez. "That's something we're still discussing internally. There are a lot of ideas in terms of whether it's like an iTunes-y-like model or something like where they're paying for big packs. That' something we're still deciding as we go. We'll figure that out over the months to come."

    seems like they are determined to thrash the company completely .

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Originally posted by nolf

    As an avid Star Trek fan, I was dissappointed when I heard STO was going to feature a "everyone is the Capt of their own ship" style of play.  

    I think there was were the whole thing went wrong from the start. Making a game for the trekkies would have been a lot more work but it had the potential of being a huge hit.

    Instead they tried to make the game for MMORPG fans, but the problem is that the game is a CORPG like Guildwars and DDO, and games like that shouldn't have monthly fees.

    To me it seems like they always took the cheapest choices and the IP deserves more than that. If you pay for an IP you should make a game forthe fans of the IP, if you just want to make a game for average MMO players you don't need an existing IP. WAR did the same thing.

    STO do have some positive aspects but it isn't a Star trek game. But of course ST is the hardest MMO IP I can imagine, possibly with Zelazny's "Amber" as the exception. I am not so sure any company could have pulled it off.

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    I bought the box as soon as it was available. I thought the ground combat was OK, and the space combat was pretty cool, but both activities were very repetitive. It just didn't 'grab' me. I think watching the reboot of the Star Trek movies kind of ruined the game for me...I wanted to the game to be like that, or like the original series.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • Nerf09Nerf09 Member CommonPosts: 2,953

    They should have made it more tactical, more technical.

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