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Your main character

Just a quick poll to see what character is played the most. I myself play an undead warlock.


  • EvilPizzaManEvilPizzaMan Member Posts: 16

    And heres the second part

  • LoStCaUz3LoStCaUz3 Member Posts: 1,154

    Troll Rogue.



  • froby1kinobifroby1kinobi Member Posts: 114

    NE Priest right now.

    I also have a Dwarf Hunter and a Gnome Rogue.

    Next is going to be an Undead somehitng.

  • Silver.Silver. Member Posts: 368

    In beta I was a Dwarf Paladin
    But I think I will go Night-Elvs Rouge in Relese.
    Following the masses, I know I know....::::21::

    Yeah deal with it, or else ::::15::
    Cheers! I'm out ::::28::


    Cheers! I'm out ::::28::::

  • flyngtrmptflyngtrmpt Member Posts: 227

    Tauren Shaman, not really all that high compared to some of the people in game but then again, I do have considerably more of a real-life than some of the people in game too so I guess it evens out (well, sort-of...)


    Koglar - Tauren Shaman - Bloodhoof Server - US EAST - WoW

    Give me a shout in game for some cow stomping fun!!


    Mattimeo - Officer in Light Brigade - Daggerspine

    Dwarf Rogue

  • OnyxBMWOnyxBMW Member Posts: 207

    Human mage.

    All the horde races suck.....even the tauren don't look right.

    I find it sad how out of 26 people not one person said gnome yet ::::18::


  • KyarraKyarra Member UncommonPosts: 784
    Have a lvl. 60 nightelf hunter, now trying to decide what class I want to make next

  • jimmyman99jimmyman99 Member UncommonPosts: 3,221

    Gnome Rogue named GNOMERCY

    "The only thing that is better then a bottle of beer is a bottle of beer full of beer" - old Gnomish proverb


    I am the type of player where I like to do everything and anything from time to time.
    image - pre-WW2 genocide.

  • TackleburyTacklebury Member UncommonPosts: 295
    I'm playing a nightelf Hunter, not because they are easy etc....  But because this is the first game where I can play my favorite class "ranger" and I'm not a whimp.  I've played ranger mains in every fantasy game and WoW actually gives the class enough power to go out on their own like I enjoy.  Cheers image

    Tacklebury --}>>>

    Tacklebury --}>>>

  • Shai'tanShai'tan Member Posts: 78

    Undead Warlock... me 2!

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