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Some nostalgia...

WSIMikeWSIMike Member Posts: 5,564

Was watching some videos on YouTube and stumbled across some gems...

Thought I'd share them for the other long-time L2 players who would appreciate them :). I know there's a number of us here.

Yes it was harsher. Yes it was slower. Yes gear was a pain in the ass to obtain... and then hold on to... Yes the game could be utterly frustrating at times. Nonetheless, I'd have those days back in a heartbeat.

These vids represent - to me - when L2 was at its best. They also remind me of how Lineage 2's soundtrack stands as one of my all-time favorites. Bill Brown scored some masterpieces for this game.





"If you just step away for a sec you will clearly see all the pot holes in the road,
and the cash shop selling asphalt..."
- Mimzel on F2P/Cash Shops


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