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[A] Sacrilege [Azuremyst] Looking for dedicated players!

GuadaGuada Member UncommonPosts: 2

Looking for a guild that puts people before raiding?

Sacrilege of Azuremyst is recruiting!  We are looking for dedicated end game players who are interested in casual raiding, PvP, and other guild activities.  Right now we have about 4 people who are set to raid, and about four others (including myself, I just started tanking) who are gearing for raids.  We have always put fun before a raid, so no matter how many times we may wipe a heroic, or a raid, we always finish and have a good time doing it.

                About Us:  First of all we put people and fun first.  We are a guild, and this is not just all about raiding.  If you are interested in joining please understand this.  Someone is usually always on (there’s about eight active members right now) and we casually joke around and enjoy playing together.  Of course we want to raid, but that will come once we have more people and have them geared for it.

                Second, we always help each other out.  This is a guild, not a performance test.  We don’t care how well you know a dungeon or raid, we can help you learn that.  As long as your open for suggestion we will be glad to help you improve your in game knowledge and character!  We know want to always keep this guild just that, a guild.  We don’t want to have it turn into a chore, and make raiding feel just like that.

                Lastly we are determined.  We want to end up enjoying all of the end game content World of Warcraft offers, and we want to enjoy it with friends.  But we need more people, and this is where you come in!  If you think you might fit in with us, please contact me (Guada) in game, or any of the following people: Nadon, Majestick, Otter, or NightDeceit.  If you have any further questions please feel free to ask any of us.

Other information:

Yes we have a Ventrillo server.

We are currently working on a website.

We are organizing schedules for dungeon runs and raids.

We are open to all classes.

Age is not a problem, we are just looking for a certain level of maturity.

Respect is important, so is having fun!

This is not a dictatorship, everyone shares input on the guild.

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