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World of Warcraft

This will be a simple thread: If anyone knows where the game is actually in-stock, please mail me on these forums. I will be very greatful.


  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992

    Best Buy, when I went, had many, many copies of the game. If you have one around you, there should be one for you. If not, EB? ::;^d::

  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    There is no store within a 30-mile radius of myself that has it in-stock. Also, there is no website I have found with it in-stock.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,919
    try i know someone who got a copy before xmas from them with no problems.

  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    Thanks, but I can't use them.

    They are a Canadian site, I live in New York. So, yeah.

    Also, I am not sure if they have it in stock. It is listed on their site, but they don't say if they have it.

  • milhoan6milhoan6 Member CommonPosts: 580
    I know how ya feel man... I went to the 3 electronic stores at my mall, and all 3 were sold out.image

    MMORPG's Im currently playing: City of Heroes, Anarchy Online and christmas...World of Warcraft!!!

    MMORPG's I've played: Star Wars Galaxies, DAOC, EQ, WW2 Online, Knight Online, Sims Online, Asherons Call 2, and Risk Your Life

  • mandaymanday Member Posts: 291

    FINALLY someone who waited as long as me n now cant get their box. N noones making ignorant comments like "Canada has no market for MMORPGs which is why theyre not shipping boxes there" or watever, cuz youre not Canadian!

    Anyways, I waited a few days too many to decide to get my box, n am now in the same situation as you. Sucks don it? :p Gd news, youre American, you can prob find it if you look hard enuff, bad news, if you cant, Blizz isnt making any more till Febuary (or so I heard).

  • PoporiPopori Member UncommonPosts: 334

    The Blizzard store sells the game to both US and Canada.  As far as I know their stock is pretty limitless, but I could be wrong.

  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    I would love to know the deal behind this. Are they in-stock, or am I going to have to wait a month for it to even ship? I want this game this week. If I can not do that, I probably won't even play the game at all.

  • PoporiPopori Member UncommonPosts: 334

    I looked around for you and found that my personal favorite site,, currently has the game in stock.  I'd order it quick if I were you though.  Their shipping prices are pretty low so you should be able to get it to yourself pretty fast.

    Also ships to Canada.  Hope that helps.


  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    I hate GameStop.

    I called a location that is very close to where I live. I asked if they had any in-stock. The clerk laughed and said no. So I asked if any of the other stores within ten miles had it. He said no.

    I checked on-line now, 12:30 a.m, and a GameStop at the local mall, 2 miles away has two more, as of closing time.

    I hate GameStop.

  • MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

    bah I just went to EB and bought it, they will phone me when they get em in and hold my copy.
    So, im just waiting for the phone call.
    Kinda funny tho, at EB they know they drill
    I pre-order/prepay there way to much

    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

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