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Just bought SWG, Should I open?

I just went to EB and bought SWG, and wondered if people recommend it and if you can gimme some High's and Low's about it and if it's worth playing before I open it and I can't return it.. Thx




  • JohnarkJohnark Member Posts: 901

    If you trust SOE, then yes, open it.  If you don't trust'em, get a refund ASAP!

    That's all I'm gonna say.  If you're a guy that played Everquest and hated SOE, then don't buy SWG, you will be frustrated again.  If you own Sony products and like Sony products, buy it.  Cause you'll keep saying to yourself: "It's a Sony, it will get better."

    You're just lucky you haven't been playing 6 months ago, or else you would of kept saying "It's a Sony, it will get better... right?  Will it?  Help!!!!" day after day after day... until the Expansion was released and Sony is finally revamping the entire game.  When are the revamping the game?  Well, that's where your faith in Sony comes in. 


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  • stinger33stinger33 Member Posts: 66

    It doesn't matter now, read my other post about when I bought SWG lol..



  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236

    Most definitely open the game and play it.

    I read your other post and answered it with a suggestion to get an activation key online.

    A day delay is nothing for a game you will be playing months or years.

    have fun


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