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My thoughts on UWO

orator1970orator1970 Member UncommonPosts: 112

Being playing this game for a few days and im really getting into it, maybe is because im getting old but the "slow burner" approach really appeals to me i never feel on the rails and take my time as i gather more in game knowledge.I am still in school and while some people complain that the tutorials are long up to now I have never felt that way.

I believe that "slow burner" games such as this one while more difficult to get into offer a longer, deepest more rewarding experience than the classic MMO where from day one you feel (and in some cases act) like a monkey on crack. I can only hope that is kept this way as I can see myself playing it for quite a while.


  • exwinexwin Member Posts: 221

    I like it . I don't like the school quests, but you know, not like you have to do them. Overall, I like the game.

    The trading is cool, the exploration is fun, combat, well I'm playing a trader so kinda trying to stay away from that atm.

    Maybe it's just the fact it's like the old UW SNES games, maybe it's because it's free and it gives me something to do at work.

    Either way, I'm liking it and expect to play this game for some time to come.

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