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Vote - PvP Battles of Fire & Ice

SystranSystran Member Posts: 105

Both mages maxed out talent points wise (this does not include any points in arcane or fire for the ice mage :: or arcane or frost for the fire mage) **((if you're going to incorporate this, pls write em' down))**

Who would win MORE PVP BATTLES...Yes, read it again. I don't care about who will win Mage vs. Mage. I'm talking Mages vs. other classes...who's more likely to win more battles. Remember, fire offers more damage, but classes that rely on close melee are gonna have a heck of a time catching a frost mage while they're only running 35%.

Some reason behind your vote would be useful. And don't tell me preference or I'm gonna tear off arm and beat you with it.

GL & HF all.                                                                           -- Systran


  • AldaronAldaron Member Posts: 1,048


    For for people who require a closed gap...frost.


    Against a hunter, frost really wouldn't do jack. But against a warrior, or pally, they could kite the hell out of them.

    Just my two copper.

    Death is not to fear; for it is not the end, but rather the beginning on the road to eternity.

    "Fear not death; for the sooner we die, the longer shall we be immortal."

  • BabbuunBabbuun Member Posts: 333

    And an arcane mage would whop both their arses. Best is if you get so many fire skills as to get pyroblast talent, and then put the rest of your points in arcane so you get presence of mind and arcane power. When you can cast pyroblast in 0 seconds with presence of mind, and with 35% more damage with arcane power, there really is no beating you down. You can follow this up with a fire blast (with the 12 second arcane power still running) and then arcane missiles. Believe me it will kill nearly anyone, especially if you've silenced them with counterspell (4 second silence for two talent points). Also if you dont think you will survive a battle (due to gank most probably), you can polymorph high level enemies since your arcane spells are 10% less resistable.

    But you're looking for opinions on these two cruddy trees. Here's my opinion: If you are a good player, go frost (blink around, use frost nova, spam away while enemy = frosted to get über criticals, cone of cold any melee, make yourself invincible with block of ice, etc), and if you're a casual player take fire skills.. they do big damage and dont really need a tactique to spam away with.

  • LoStCaUz3LoStCaUz3 Member Posts: 1,154

    It's really hard to say. Each different type of magic can be used in many different situations.



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