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There was no flaming...

DethnobleDethnoble Member Posts: 419

Stating that Mr. Smart and his current team are not good enough to fix the current core issues is not flaming.  In fact, I see these types of posts everyday about other studioes like: SOE, Funcom, Cryptic, Aventurine, and so forth.  And yet, my posts get deleted here because I stated an opinion.  Just because Mr. Smart does not like the fact that I called him out on his deceptions and lies, does not mean that I am flaming.  These types of actions that mmorpg.com are taking makes one suspect that mmorpg.com is getting a little extra love to nazi moderate their boards.



  • ChirugaiChirugai Member UncommonPosts: 304

    If you have a concern regarding the moderator team, please contact our Community Manager at community@mmorpg.com.

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