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2 questions here....

The first one is what disc do you use to play with?  Like witch one is the play disc?  There are 4 discs labled 1of4, 2of4,3of4,and 4of4.  Which one do i play with?

Also I was just wondering cuz im bored.  Do you leave your WoW disc or w/e mmorpg you play in the drive?  Like i mean do you leave it in the comp so you can just click on your shortcut or whatever and play.  Or do you take the disc out when your done playing and put it back in when your ready to play again?




  • SlangerSlanger Member UncommonPosts: 280
    You don't need the disks to play the game. Just install the game, put disk away forever and play. Only purpose that the disks serve is to install World of Warcraft, nothing more.image

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  • MotorheadMotorhead Member Posts: 1,193

    The CD-Rom does not need to be in the tray when you're playing.

    p.s.  Your poll gets my vote for 'Most Needless Poll Ever'.   image   Do we actually care how many people here play with the CD-Rom in the drive or not ... ?



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