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How Missions will work in End of Nations

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Player Versus Environment: Missions

Missions to test the toughest commander

Missions are the challenges that guide players through the epic End of Nations™ campaign against the Order Nations. Missions range in difficulty, taking anywhere from a few minutes to several play sessions to complete, and always reward players with experience, items, and vehicles.

A staggering number of missions await commanders in End of Nations. Multiple missions can be accepted at once, and as some have complimentary objectives, players often strive toward several goals at a time. Some missions lead players to revisit earlier battlefields, presenting more daunting challenges than the player encountered in that zone previously.

For example, players might return to a mid-level map to assail an enemy outpost that seemed invincible when the player first campaigned in that battleground. Mission chains thread through all the battlefields and vary in difficulty, but players are always rewarded in proportion to the challenges they undertake.


Tactical objectives, tactical advantages

Missions have a variety of objectives. For example, in assassination missions, commanders must strike deep into hostile territory to eliminate an enemy officer. In breakthrough missions, you must keep friendly, computer-controlled troops alive as they assault enemy defenses. Defense missions require players to guard a tactically vital location against a relentless onslaught, setting up kill-zones and coordinating firepower to keep from being overwhelmed.

Completing one mission often presents players with a tactical advantage that may prove indispensable when attempting the more difficult missions further along the chain. Assassinating an enemy officer, you may discover he carried a remote control device that interferes with your next foe’s vehicles and factories.

A flexible strategy

Such advantages ultimately contribute to the strategies players employ to complete missions. Plans will vary based on your commander class, as each has a different approach to combat. Players also adjust their tactics as they join groups, using their commander class’s strengths to bolster their allies.

Your combat strategy can also hinge upon capturing “points of interest,” such as abandoned heavy artillery that can rain devastation on enemies far across the battlefield. Such “capture points” can offset even serious disadvantages, letting commanders snatch victory from overbearing foes.

Of course, enemies bring their own tactics and abilities to bear against players. Scout units might run at the first sign of trouble, forcing players to slow or snare them before they call for help. Some enemies seek cover under smoke-screens, and others disable your vehicles with EMP warheads. Each foe must be defeated through thought and tactical acumen.

If a particular mission or foe seems too difficult to defeat alone, recruit a friend or another player attempting that mission to help you out. End of Nations makes joining forces with other players easy and rewarding. Players can also return later, to power through a mission when their commander has leveled up or recruited rare and powerful vehicles.


The spoils of victory

One such rare unit is the advanced assault vehicle awarded any player who completes Operation: Raza Kaar for Commander Roman at Base Camp Zerghun, in Kazakhstan. This vehicle augments a commander’s regular lineup with heavy firepower, a high rate of fire, and stronger endurance than the standard assault vehicles players might encounter at that level.

This high-powered unit has a similar point cost to common assault vehicles, providing an exceptional boost to a player’s combat capability. Players stymied by one mission might complete Raza Kaar and find the advanced assault vehicle is just the edge they need to triumph where they struggled before.

Completing missions can also net players advanced vehicle repair kits more powerful than the ones available from vendors, special ammunition such as EMP rounds which do more than simply damage enemies, and consumables like composite armor to give units temporary boosts.

As commanders conquer missions, they gain access to these benefits, as well as to experience levels and tech tree advancements, allowing them to progress to more difficult missions and though the epic confrontation with the Order of Nations.


Link: http://www.endofnations.com/en/game/pve/missions.php

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