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MarkerMarker Member CommonPosts: 77

A fond farewell

The original classic MMORPG Roma Victor is no longer available.

In January 2011 the web servers experienced a significant hardware failure. Given that both these servers and the Roma Victor game servers themselves were being kept online free of charge, the costs in time and hardware for a full recovery are prohibitive at this time.

So it is with a heavy heart that we've taken Roma Victor offline for good. We had announced back in May 2010 that the servers would be taken offline before the end of 2010, and obviously we let them run, at our own expense, for some time beyond that original deadline.

RedBedlam is currently focussed exclusively on developing projects for third parties. It is worth bearing in mind however that a great deal of work was put into the project codenamed 'Roma Victor 2', and we still have every intention of releasing a top quality historically authentic 'remake' at a later date.

Roma Victor was a massively ambitious project and it would never have seen the light of day were it not for the support of, what we still maintain, was one of the best and most coherent of online communities.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who participated in this project.

-Kerry Fraser-Robinson, on behalf of everyone at RedBedlam

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  • ReaperUkReaperUk Member UncommonPosts: 713

    I've just come here from where I read the sad news. I say sad, although, in fact I gave up on the game many years ago. Having been in the late stages of beta, I did decide to help the devs complete the game by buying it and by paying money into the VERM account. However, I went exploring in the first day or two and got stuck in a tiny area to the East of the Barbarian starter village for days to come. Everytime I logged on, I would run around the perimeter of the area for a few minutes and then logout to await a fix.

    Eventually, the fix arrived and I was able to complete the starter crafting quest and even reached the Roman Area on the other side of the wall, It was still horrendously buggy though and I soon gave up apart from logging into the forums every now and again to see if things were improving.

    My impression over the next few years was that the small dev team had great ideas but lacked the resources for the project to ever truly reach fruition. This latest news just confirms that.

    As it happens, the reason I decided today of all days to take a look at the Roma Victor site again is because of Earthrise, another game from well meaning developers that appears to be about to be released unfinished. I did wonder whether Roma Victor had managed to pull things round but it looks not. I fear Earthrise will be yet another game that struggles, eventually without long term success.

    Oh well!......RIP Roma Victor..............let's see if Earthrise can do any better.

  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,897

    i moan the death of people's effort but cannot moan the death of a poorly made product sorry.

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