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Earthrise Beta Key Request Thread



  • Hook your boy up with a key....... Have alot of free time on my handz
  • morbuskabismorbuskabis Member Posts: 290

    Me key pleas! Sir me plzzz! Good friend!

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  • dvoryadkindvoryadkin Member Posts: 1
    i like craft and beta testing i  really want a key for this game plz)))
  • TheKrautTheKraut Member Posts: 48
    Would like a key to try this out. Have been bored with everything 'new' lately, am looking for something to keep my attention.

  • Zeref.DyverZeref.Dyver Member Posts: 270
    I would love a key, been following this game since it was first announced many many years ago, I also played in the original launch. I am very eager to see for myself which direction the game is going in and to help with the testing process! Thank you!
  • shadekattshadekatt Member Posts: 9
    Would love a key, had hopes about this game and hope it has a chance now of happening now!
  • set-4set-4 Member Posts: 2
    I promise to help feed the hamsters if you give me a key
  • ethanlallaethanlalla Member UncommonPosts: 105

    I would use a key to help the beta progress as smoothly as it can. 

    HINT: I will hunt the bugz

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  • Rohirrim1Rohirrim1 Member UncommonPosts: 30
    Would appreciate a key if someone would be so kind,to help in the Beta process of course ^^       :^)      thx in advance  !

  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167
    would be quite interested in checking this out *and* assisting in the testing process.

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  • Rohirrim1Rohirrim1 Member UncommonPosts: 30
    Still looking for a Beta key for Earthrise,if someone has a spare,it would be very much appreciated  :^)    Would help to iron out bugs np  :)     Thanks in advance ^^

  • Aldous.HuxleyAldous.Huxley Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 418
    Any keys being floated out there? 

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