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Start banning post hijacker/flamers

CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955
I'm about to call it quits with mmorpg.com forums.  The massive amount of stupidity that you let get posted via hijacking and flaming is a real turnoff.  I come here for info not for fights.  If you cant moderate your forum adequately and you need help just let me know i'd be happy to help. 



  • moonfogmoonfog Member Posts: 979

    Even tho i understand your statment, I cant see what mmorpg.com can do. Its all a matter of opinions. One thing you might not like and other do. You cant ban ppl for being against another persons point of view. Also making the users of mmorpg.com "scared" of posting because some might not like what is said and have them banned is not a good thing for the site.

    But if you are refering to ppl that respond in a mean manner and use unjust language without cause then a agree.

    IMO mmorpg.com should have a "warning" system... Say a user is being mean etc, and a Staff person can give this user a warning. If a spesific number of warnings are giving then the user is banned. Naturally if a warning is giving and after say 14 days and no more warnings are giving the warnings deduse in number.

  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992

    If we didnt have those sort of people in this world, life wouldnt be nearly as enjoyable as it is now. no drama. everyone has an opinion (even if they dont have anything to support it) but they cannot do anything. Live with it::=^)::

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