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My Youtube Videos And Recruiting.

skulyskuly Member UncommonPosts: 140

I got GA when steam had the xmas sale last month and GA was like 5$.

I was hoping the pve stuff in GA would be more fun and the pvp would be an acceptible thing to do when bored but its the opposite.

So for me the best way to level in GA is to just do "mercenary" missions and hope my side wins. And the 3 month booster i bought really helps since it double my xp/loot/tokens so losing at pvp i still get decent xp.

Anyway i recorded some videos of me doing the pvp missions, basically when i login i que for pvp and do what is seen in my youtube videos.

And if someone was thinking about trying GA they would be spending most their time doing this to level so i figured i'd make a video but ended up making 8.

The pve missions where just too annoying for me because 90% of the time the team fails to get the bonus and without the bonus you dont get loot reward at the end or bonus xp so i find it more enjoyable to just do the pvp stuff .


Also I started an agency, if anyone is interested, if you watched any of my youtube vids you'd have seen my Agency name is "Twiztid".

But yea my Agency in GA is called Twiztid and my IGN is skulyosis and you can add me to friends on steam also if you want, my steam name is skuly1979.


My YouTube GA Playlist

Processor: Intel Core I5-2320
Memory: 8GB DDR3 RAM
HDD: Samsung 830 256gb SSD-SATA3
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7950 3gb


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