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RV Refugees (Watson's Call)

commanderjimcommanderjim Member Posts: 40

RV Forums now seem to be gone, at least for the time being. We have set up a site aiming at getting a community site together. We set the ball rolling about a day before the servers with the forums and game servers failed. So luckily we got most of the regulars in. is the adress for everyone at the moment while Junia and others work at establishing a proper site for those left behind.


Cheers guys



Commander Jim

Were all living on knife's edge when will you fall off?



  • TozzTozz Member Posts: 2

    Thanks a lot, Watson!

    Apparently the official forum is gone for good, KFR has posted a farewell message on the main index page.

    Yet more broken promises... 

    See you on the other site!

  • AlezzyAlezzy Member Posts: 2

    the new forums for roma victor refugees  are now :



    so you can all move there from the which will probably be set offline soon

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