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My review of Dreamland Online

i will Break this up into 3 catagories Leveling, Graphics, Character

if i forgot to mention something in the review just ask me and ill add it to the review




1. Quests

The quests in the game are worth it because they give you your equips. You cant job advance with out doing some quests.

2. Monsters

Exp from leveling is like classic maplestory. At the beggining its okay to grind but later on its not worth it as much

3. Parties

Community isnt very big so they are hard to find sometimes.




1. Graphics (only one sub category)

The graphics are good. Its easy on the Eyes in most places. But some places hurts your eyes Exmaple "waterfall in begginer town"




1.Character Creation

When you make your character you dont have to much customization you. There is Male or Female option. Its like any other 2D MMORPG. The game looks like a Asian Cartoon on Steroids.

2. Equipment

The equipment can look really funny at times. There is a helmet that is a pigs head and your head is in its mouth. There is no option to hide helmet. But there is some cool looking Equips also.

3. Pets/Mount

You get two pets. One is a pink cat thing that uses Strength to attack. The other is Blue and uses magic. You can get more pets. You get a mount by doing quests.


Your job advancement

1st job adv level 10 - Aracher, Mage, Rogue, Warrior

2nd Job adv level 40

I dont know if there is a 3rd yet in the American server because i cant find any information

Skills - You get skills by buying them. You buy books that teach your skills. Same with mounts


The community as i said is small but there is only 1 server and 2 channels so it isnt impossible to find people.

6. Guides

There is not that many guides to help you since the game is new here. Inless you know chinese and go to the chinese website forums good luck finding one.


My Opinion. It is a game for someone that just plays to have fun and doesnt care how fast you level as long as you level sometimes. If you liked original maplestory before all the easy leveling help you will like this game. I wouldnt play it but thats because i like to atleast level 2 times in 4 hours once you get to higher levels.


  • lameninjalameninja Member Posts: 13

    Okay i came back to this OLD post because it was in early closed beta when i posted this. So i dont know what it is like anymore but i am going to update this soon. Sorry but for now i have no way to verify if that this is accurate anymore. Sorry for waisting your time if you read it. I apologize and will try to update this as soon as i can. I relized i was being byased when i posted that review and im sorry. Remember its a game and everyone will like it diffrently. If someone else would like to update this for me by saying if what i said is still true and correcting me. I will also accept added information. Thank you for your time.

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