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Where in the Maple World are GMs?

RagekouRagekou Member Posts: 21

For last few weeks, I had been playing MapleStory after Big Bang.  I noticed MapleStory had gained more and more hackers floated around the maps.  Almost took over the maps and channels, thought, they kept going.   My thought was, "Where the Maple are GMs!"   I am sooooo tired of getting banned by MISTAKES, ACCIDENTS, and ETC.  There is no way ban but it's usually disconnected and tried to connect a few times after.   That was freaky crazy!!!!

My other thought-- Why hackers?  You have ever heard of Exp Curve?  That's you have a problem with and is that why you need hack programs for that "MapleStory doesn't exist in realtiy" for you?!   Crazy players you are!



  • lilandy00lilandy00 Member Posts: 1

    It's rare to see a hacker compare to other high rating mmorpg. There are a lot of hackers because Maplestory is very easy to hack and it is easy to find and download hacks. NEXON lacks security and protection from hackers and keyloggers and there was once a gm name ecko got his account hacked. Even if you don't share your account information to people, there is still a possibility that your account can get hacked. Hackers get banned and ip banned everyday, and they'll easily just come back. If you want to play a game without so much hackers, play games that are pay to play or games that offers high secruity and protection.


    Hackers hacks because they can sell meso and accounts on ebay for real money.

  • yarirocksyarirocks Member Posts: 1

    I would like to become a GM because some people hack their level and i would like to ban them.People annoy you and then follow you around and when i ask them to stop they wont they hack to see wherever i go so they annoy me.People hack their mesos level and skills stats too.So that's why I want to become a GM. Username:yarirocks Password:yari11 Pin:0000000

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