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Do people actually ROLEPLAY anymore?



  • TheAmirTheAmir Member RarePosts: 536
    I'm an author - so roleplay is, for me, "natural". If I can't feel attached to the lore, the character/races, or find a decent RP community to socialize with - I won't stick with the game.

    That said, it's been years since I've found all the above. Most games being released these days aren't very "RP-friendly" in the way they are all very linear, very dumbed down, and very prone to shallow lore/boring class and race selection. Also, I've noticed that - in the past decade-ish- RP has (by and large) decayed into "let's find a way for our characters to hook up and ERP/Cyber".

    No thanks. I'll stick to writing books, and if and when I can ever find that "golden age of online RP again", I'll happily delve into it. Right now, it's just not there.

    Also - for every person who thinks RP is "creepy" - whew, tell me. What is it like having no imagination? Have you ever read a book or watched a movie? Technically, those stem from the same creative well source as Roleplay.  Sad generation when creativity begins to be seen as "creepy".

    But then, I guess the current trend of dumb-as-mud games fits that mentality just fine.

  • ULBlue13ULBlue13 Member UncommonPosts: 28
    I sometimes wonder if something similar to the reason people think "furries" are creepy has happened with MMO roleplay - i.e. because there are people who do ERP, some people have the mistaken impression that all MMO roleplaying is about sex!
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  • johndoepjohndoep Member UncommonPosts: 71
    Do people even value random roleplay ex periences or is it all about gear/level acquisition (AKA Achievement), raiding, and PvP?
    It's pretty much the latter nowadays...
  • GrayPhilosopherGrayPhilosopher Member UncommonPosts: 78
    I still roleplay.

    Currently playing Elder Scrolls: Online.

    It most certainly isn't perfect and the game offers little in terms of meaningful player interaction beyond typing out emotes. There are however multiple guilds already, some of which I'm a part of, dedicated to roleplaying. People will often plan an event and take the role as a GM to direct a story or something, for other players to enjoy.

    Other times we'll act out things like guild initiations for new members or whatever else comes to mind. Finally, there's the stale ol' tavern RP where people just huddle arund somewhere and socialize as their characters to no end. It can be good fun when you're in the mood for something chill, but I find that it gets old quickly when done extensively.

    I think the problem is, like a few people have mentioned in the thread already, that most games just don't have ways for players to interact with each other, they're all too Theme Park-y. I've often looked at something like EVE Online, and while I haven't played it, I can't help but see immense potential for RP interaction in a game like this. Something as simple as being able to attack and steal other players' resources creates tension and opportunities for genuine player conflict, both in and out of character.
  • AntiquatedAntiquated Member RarePosts: 1,415
    edited May 2016
    MMORPG format is not well-suited to roleplay.

    And the GMs who once cared about such things all got fired years ago.

    Does [your game] have any manipulatable props, other than barstools? You can equip a sword, but can you set it down? Does [your game] have seating at all? Do you know why it doesn't?

    Every prop requires animation support. /emotes require animation support. It is because of this extra time and expense that no corporate developer bothers.

    Can you freeform /act to fill in the gaps left by missing developer support? No, because Wiseass Billy discovered you could cause players to panic with "/act reaches into your pocket and removes 10000 silver." So freeform verbs were also removed from the lexicons forever.

    And we're back to sentence one.

    That's why no one bothers anymore. Elves dancing on tables is not roleplaying.
  • DistopiaDistopia Member EpicPosts: 21,183
    edited May 2016

    That's why no one bothers anymore. Elves dancing on tables is not roleplaying.
    "no one" I watched an entire tavern full of people RP tonight in ESO, while sitting in their chairs, emoting, emotive chat, etc... Where there is a will, there is a way... IF people can RP with nothing but a rule book, people can most certainly RP in most MMORPGs...

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