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This was my favorite MMO ever...will there ever be another?

ExploriumExplorium Member Posts: 395

This was a great races (I loved the Cyborg) and combat was tons of fun. I also LOVED the setting and graphics. Plus, going around destroying stuff was cool. It was funny running over people too. Plus driving around was fun (whole point of game really)...though using the actual character was kind of tiresome.


Will there ever be another post apoc game like this? Maybe Fallout Online...but there is no info on that. There is Fallen Earth, but you can't destroy the environment and it doesn't really feel post apoc (not to me anyway). 


I'll always remember Auto Assault. Not my first MMO, but it was my favorite with many good memories.

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  • ParapsychoParapsycho Member UncommonPosts: 108

    I miss AA as well. Even with all its faults it was still a good game.

    Unfortunately, NCsoft owns the Auto Assault intellectual property, so unless they decide to re-launch the game, there is no going back to the AutoAssault setting.

    However, NetDevil still has the rights to the source code, so they could make another vehicular combat game, it would just have to have a different setting.

    If you could get a company with an established vehicular combat series (like Activision, with its Interstate and Vigilante 8 series, or Eat Sleep Play, with their Twisted Metal franchise) to take a look at the technology, or another big publisher (like SoE), they might be able to do another car combat game, but it won't be Auto Assault.

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  • UknownAspectUknownAspect Member Posts: 277

    If Auto Assault was made into a sandbox type game such as EVE, I think the game would soar.  I for one would jump on it in a heartbeat.

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