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Newly renamed Cardmon Hero is now in Closed Beta 2

dragonsidragonsi Member UncommonPosts: 73

I recently stumbled upon the newly revamped and renamed "Camon Hero" which is now being run by T3fun, located at: and registered my Closed Beta 2 key and also received a new one, which I am sharing here.  CBT2 starts tomorrow, on Jan. 5th at 7 pm EST and runs until Jan. 9th 7 pm EST.


Here are my 2 extra keys they give to share with others:







  • somaseieisomaseiei Member Posts: 16

    I have checked the site that you have posted, it seems the game is fair enough.. Hmmm also tried your CBT key, seems it is already used. >.< I think ill just wait for the updates on their site. Got to check if the game is for me. (Cross fingers)

  • paps26paps26 Member Posts: 24

    I think Cardmon is in OBT phase now.. as i just visited their site

    .. so no need for keys I guess :)

  • madara092115madara092115 Member Posts: 2

    Nice! The game that i'm waiting has finally arrived! The name changed but still those cute summons and awesome armors I can now see and excited to get them =) See you guys in game, i'll play now ^^

  • somaseieisomaseiei Member Posts: 16

    Oh, yeah, the game is in OBT now. Currently trying it out. And im just getting used to the feature. At first I thought its a turn based game, but its not. Your a summoner and instead of skills, you use cards..

  • Player143Player143 Member Posts: 42

    lets play whats your ign?

  • somaseieisomaseiei Member Posts: 16

    My ign is HyuSah. Lately i play in channel 3. im a bit noob in this game. How about you? 

  • paps26paps26 Member Posts: 24

    My IGN is GoodEye and I usually play at NORMAL channels ( less lag) haha! See you in game!

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