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The Guardians of Tarantus are Recruiting for Casual Players for Leveling / Raiding / Social on Denta

HrataugHrataug Member Posts: 1


Guild Quick Facts:

Type of Guild: Leveling / Raiding / Social

Voice Comms: Yes, Mumble is mandatory whenever you are on.

Website: Yes, can be found here

Guildmaster: Maeriss (PST)

Number One: Hrataug (EST)

Previous Experience: We have both been officers and division leaders in previous guilds. MMO experience includes WoW, LOTRO, AOC, DF, STO, and FE.  

Guild Tabard: Yes

Guild Bank: First tab obtained. Will be deposit only with mats and other needed materials passed out by one of the two officers. When we get a second tab, it will have general access.

Mandatory play times / raids: No, and there never will be.

PVP: Based on personal preference; not required.



About Guardians of Tartarus:

The Guardians of Tartarus was formed by two friends unhappy with the lack of casual but motivated guilds on Dentarg. We found that most either provided no social interaction and did not offer basic things such as voice-comms that we view as essential to the MMO experience, or tried to bill themselves as casual but still retained many of the mandatory play-times and such that made busy people like us shy away from other guilds. We are looking for mature and like minded folks that can follow the few rules that we outline below. We've kept the rules brief because we figure we shouldn't have to outline things that should be common sense. We want to have fun and find players who would like to do so as well in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our main focus will be leveling and raiding while socializing through Mumble. Some of the best friends we have ever had have developed through this type of socialization. Not to mention the fact that it makes communication quick, easy, and instantaneous. For these reasons, Mumble is required to be used by guild members whenever they are in-game.


Guild Policies

The first and most important policy to remember is that real life comes first. Members of GoT have to balance their leisure time with things such as work, school, raising a family, and so forth. For that reason, we do not have mandatory play times or days. Just be on when you can. That being said, there will be a spot on the forums to let us know if you are going to be absent for any prolonged period. A "prolonged period" is considered to be any time that you won't be logging in for 10 or more consecutive days. As a courtesy to the leadership and your fellow guild-mates, please do so at the earliest possible convenience. Repeated occurrences of unexplained long-term absences may result in your removal. We understand if you can't be on; we simply expect you to let us know. There will also be a spot on the forums to schedule raid events. We will schedule these approximately 1 - 2 weeks ahead of time to allow for planning. When they are posted, please post if you can attend. However, DO NOT post saying you will be able to attend if you are unsure. While we realize emergencies can come up, multiple raid no-shows will result in immediate removal. 

Mumble is our voice-comm software. You should be logged into Mumble every time you are in-game. Disregarding this policy will result in immediate removal without warning. If you aren't willing to log-in to Mumble every time you are on, don't bother applying.  Some of the language on Mumble may be course. While we don't cuss like sailors, if profanity offends you then I would suggest looking elsewhere. Please note that these policies are not necessarily all inclusive. If you are the mature type of player we are looking for, we shouldn't have to tell you basic things like etiquette, don't cheat, and the like. The one thing that neither  Maeriss or myself will tolerate is drama; we've got enough of that in real life. If you like drama, like to start drama, or drama seems to follow you wherever you go then don't apply. Should it become an issue, we'll simply boot the offending player(s). Being mature means that you can solve your problems and differences in a civilized manner without us baby sitting or moderating. Maturity is not dictated by age; we've seen 14 year olds that are more mature than 41 year olds.


 If all of this sounds good to you, please come on in and fill out an application. We can't wait to meet you.

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