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Cant access website or play the game - Please Help

MadforitMadforit Member Posts: 1

I have been trying to play this game for a few days now/


when it starts patching itself all goes well but then when i start the game it always says connection closed by server request,


I cant access the website to sign up either. It seems that it is down.


I also cant get to either.


can someone please help me with this,





  • ice439ice439 Member Posts: 4

    hey I was a member with CTRacer my user name was  ice439 I'm going to find out from other teams and racers what happened to the server. Hang in there

  • ice439ice439 Member Posts: 4

    hey I didn't get a response from the other forum, but it looks like the website will be down until August 17th and then people can log back in. (  I think  )

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