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Possibly a good game, ruined by the horrible community

ExploriumExplorium Member Posts: 395

Well, I like Tibia (the game, not the bone)...I like the huge open world, graphics may not be ultimate 3d...but I like them better than Runescape. Though, classic Runescape graphics I liked better since they were unique. Game may not be the best, but I liked it.


Problem? No, its not that most of the members don't seem to speak English, I don't care about that. I actually like meeting people from all over, which many MMOs fail to do.

Here are good examples of this horrible community.

Example One:

"u nub? let help u. follow."

*runs past a door that is underground*

*I follow*

"lol nub"

I soon find out the door needs a key to get back in and the person who was going to "help me", ran off with all my items, because the only way out of the room was by death. Then I saw him again and he "lol"


Okay, so I go back into the sewers...I start fighting a rat, three other rats are behind it.

Someone comes up behind me and "blocks" me, I can't get out.

Two rats dead, third rat kills me...right before it happens

"(something in another language) nub"


and he too runs off with all my items.

And then smaller annoyances, like repeatedly closing the bridge that you go past in the sewers, so no one can get past.

And don't get me started on asking for help, as you will get the exact opposite of that.


Runescape community is much ask for help, may get a few haters, but I always got at least one person to answer a question or help me in some way.


Only reason I bring up RS, is it is kinda similar in some aspects. And its another one thats talked about a lot.




Horrible community. Could be a good game if I could get past the community.

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