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Problem with Everquest Extended

Well I just downloaded EQ Extended and I created a character and got him to my liking style wise.  Then as I enter the name, it says it was submitting my name for approval.  It freezes at this point and does nothing.  Of course I Ctrl + Alt - Delete it, and it says NOT RESPONDING.


It is on the only server of Freeport and the load is HEAVY.  Any suggestions or reasons for this?


Get out of your box already...


  • DraenorDraenor Member UncommonPosts: 7,918

    delete the game off of your hard drive and play WoW instead!


    In all seriousness...I would make sure that all of your drivers are updated, and then post this on the everquest tech support forums instead of these forums.

    Your argument is like a two legged dog with an eating disorder...weak and unbalanced.

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