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Vocation/profession free onlinegame? (Can i find some?)

AmetzAmetz Member Posts: 1

I have searched alittle bit for an vocation free game, but not found any.


That is: Be able to train your skill to whatever i want, instead of being forced so choose a specific vocation and train that one specific.

such as knight, ranger, thief, dancer or whatever..

So i can play a few weeks as this, and then try something else, and perhaps be both later etc etc..

So if anyone knows an online game where your character dosent have an specific vocation/profession, only his skills,

that would be a game of interest for me.

If im not mistaken the old, Star Wars Galaxies had no vocation a very long time ago.

Then they ruind that game =P



  • unclemounclemo Member UncommonPosts: 462

    Darkfall, Mortal Online, Eve Online and Perpetuum.

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