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Is Sandbox a Taboo word?

We all remember the old school sandbox games of the bygone age when MMO's were actually RPGs. However I have noticed an increasing amount of hate and disrespect towards anyone in our MMO community who even has the nerve to utter the word Sandbox. So I find myself wondering if others have noticed this trend and why others think this trend has occurred? Why is it that newer gamers fear/hate old school sandbox mmoers?

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  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Why does the console generation hate the PC one?

    Or the pen-and-paper D&D guys and the video game crowd?

    Or the rappers and rockers?



    ~Because we were all there for a certain movement, and we feel loyalties to it. Therefore, anything perceived as competition to our outlook on things is the enemy. If you were there to experience UO and EQ1 in their prime, that's generally what you'll be into. The vast majority of this generations MMO-goers started with WoW though, so you can just take a guess at how they demand things should be. It's the old vs the new, and neither crowd has it right because they all say they want to see progress in the genre, but get their knickers in a twist whenever something comes out that doesn't resemble what they are already used to. Eventually you are going to see amazing new games getting poo-pooed by those that want the old-skool sandbox to come out, as well as the current generation of "instant gratification" thugs for not living up to their standards.

    Hell, aren't we already seeing that with the now tiring argument of "what is and isn't an mmo?". That line is only a justification to hate on something for not being what we are used to, like how the upcoming trend is boiling down to simple online connectivity with impressive gameplay over a massive player presence with limited functionality to make up for it.

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  • seabass2003seabass2003 Member Posts: 4,144

    Sandbox just means way too many things to many different people. I try to stay away from MMO buzz words.

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  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Play what you like. Ignore those who don't like what you like.Well, not ignore but be able to discount their opinons of you or what you like.

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  • There are so many 'sandbox' games that you're bound to get a truckload of garbage for every good game. Making a giant open-ended world is one step, but making it interesting to roam around is another. There's been so much garbage that people are just associating sandbox with bad games.

    There's also plenty of people who sandbox games just aren't for. There's nothing wrong with it, but some people just like more structure and hardcore storyline in their games.

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