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Steam Sale - First Impressions

gauge2k3gauge2k3 Member Posts: 442

I'm going to try to be unbiased and look at this from the point of view of the key demographic targeted.

The initial tutorial and controls were great.  The tutorial was fun, and moderately challenging at the end for me, as I was an engineer.

Dome city is the only HUB for the game really.  It's very nice looking and is laid out above average.  Not great, but there is definately work that could be done.  But that's ok because there are these terminals you can use that will put moving arrows on the ground for you if you get lost to where you want to go.

Quests.  Oh god these are aweful.  I dare say the scripting is worse than WoW.  The story will put you to sleep after only a few.  I'm a bug story guy, so for me to push it off, you know it' bad.  The actual quests mechanics are standard fodder.  Go here and kill these guys, or press "U" (for use) on stuff.  A cool thing about questing is the fact that it autoloots for you, and there essentially is no meaningless loot in the game as everything is either used for crafting, used, or salvaged for crafting parts.

On the same not, the quest line is VERY short.  Maybe 8-10 hours of gameplay with extremely casual play.  There are some challenging instanced zones which are doable solo if you have some decent RPG and FPS knowledge.  If not, you're boned and need to find a team because the end boss will destroy you.  I managed to finish these solo on the first attempt.  the last mission of all the quests took me awhile as the boss kept 1 shotting my turret lol.  I fought him for I think 6 or 7 minutes.

The base controls for the game are obvious and intuitive.  However, beyond that, they are terrible.  Z is the auto reply button is you can believe it.  F3 is friends list.  It keeps going like this with what seems to be random button assignment.  Fortunately most keys can be rebound in the menu, so it's not so much of an issue as a nit pick.

Traveling in the quest zone sucks really bad.  When you die it is a pain to run all the way back everytime.  More spawn points would have been desirable, or some fast travel options...something.

Difficulty of the quests was definately higher than your average MMO.  The mobs frequently aimbot you :P and the respawn time can be redicilous at times.  Sometimes I killed something ran over to go past it and it would respawn right away on top of me.  From what I saw the only way to dodge NPC's is to change directions just as they are going to fire.  You have to anticipate this as there is no charge up of weapons or anything visual or audial to let you know.  If you don't do that you are basically gonna get hit.  Some of the MOBs in the quest can easilly two shot you (rocket robots I'm looking at you).

After the quest line you go back to dome city and then it's up to you.

Here is where the real game shines and the genious comes in.

The M key is your magic key.  As it stands for magic.  Open this up anywhere at anytime and you can que for anything on one slick easy to follow menu.  Different difficulty random PVE dungeons are there (similair to WoWs dungeon finder except your role is predecided).  The menu gives minimum levels before you can do certain levels of them.

The same is true for pvp type missions.  I am an average pvper.  I destroy dumb people but get killed by pros.  I don't like to put forth the extra effort in attention span and reflexes to be that good.  I found the PvP enjoyable.  It is very goal oriented and you are not really rewarded on kills so much as you are on how much you are helping the team.  there is a sniper class, but thanksfully there are lots of buildings to close gaps and engineers like me to drop drones who can see recon guys.  I don't know why, but the nature of the PvP made it very skill based, but enjoyable to the casual as well.

At level 30 you can start doing arena's with 3 other members (there are only 4 classes) against 4 other people.  You can also do what's called AVA which is the process of controlling territory in the game to get resources to craft to make yourself better :P

I have not tried crafting, arena, or ava yet as I am not level 30.  So I will not comment much on them.  If AvA is in anyway close to regular pvp, then it will be a blast.

The armor visuals are pretty, but the variety isn't really there.  I mean it is there, but it's so subtle that you don't notice it.  A level 20 looks very much like a level 50 armor wise.  You can recolor all of your armor.  And armor has appearance slots so you can keep the stats you want and look how you want also.  Weapons on the other hand seem much more varied, in both stats and visuals.

The community of this game is horrendous.  I don't think that word does it justice either.  It is just so unbelievably aweful.  You just can't put into words how bad the community is.  I'm sorry I just can't explain it it's that bad.

The content is basically all PvP after you get done with the quests.  They are actively trying to add more questing options, or so I'm told.

Overall it was well worth the 7 bucks I paid and it's free to play after the initial purchase so bonus there.  I will be playing often, and having fun, but I will definately have a very long ignore list.


  • LobotomistLobotomist Member EpicPosts: 5,971

    You managed to do all PVE stuff game has to offer in ONE DAY ?!

    Oh man it sucks.

    I still didnt install the game (I was in Rift beta) but now i am starting to regret even the 7$

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    Originally posted by Lobotomist

    You managed to do all PVE stuff game has to offer in ONE DAY ?!

    Oh man it sucks.

    I still didnt install the game (I was in Rift beta) but now i am starting to regret even the 7$


    Just the open zone. LIke he said, he's not even 30 yet which means he can't even do Max or Ultra mix missions yet. He hasn't even started Raids (which are available post 30) which tbh is the the only reason the game is still installed on my computer.


    For 7 bucks there should be no regrets little man, especially after you're done with the atrocity which is Rift. The class system is cool, but meh it ends there.

  • gauge2k3gauge2k3 Member Posts: 442

    I felt I was honest in my post and not exaggerating in what I did experience.

    Also the game advertises itself as a PvP game, so the lack of PvE content did not suprise me.  Also the lack of decent scripts didn't suprise me either.

    However, other games have claimed to be decent pvp games and done terrible at it (WAR), so I was plesently suprised to see this game  has succeeded in that. 

    I paid roughly 50 bucks for bad company 2 when it came out and it is basically just a FPS.  So 7 bucks for this which has a strong RPG aspect to it was a steal IMO.

    Also playing a robotics guy is so much fun.

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