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Do you have a Draik Egg on neopets? (buying) +other neopets stuff

ExploriumExplorium Member Posts: 395


Yeah before you say...I know neopets is mostly aimed for kids. But my little cousin and my aunt (his mom) is into it, so its nice to be able to play a game with him. Since a lot of games I mostly play are way too old for him (he is 6). That and I get to relate to my aunt in some way, since we aren't really close or anything.


So onto the topic...


My favorite pet on Neopets is the Draik, mostly because I love dragons. But can't find any in the trading area or shop wizard. I guess I need a Draik egg to get one, or a morphing potion for my pet. I had a Draik on a really old account, but that account got hacked into...don't even remember the username or anything that I used.


I have 500k neopoints...so if you have a Draik egg or something, if you don't want it, I'll take him or buy it off you. I don't really have too much stuff, I never really made it big on neopets when I played a while ago when I was younger. 500k is pretty much all I have, and no rare items or anything.

If you are interested, my username on there is Wraithmire.

Thanks :)


Also, any of you used to play Neopets or still play? Its kind of a cute game, even if aimed mostly for kids. There was a topic on another forum where people were thinking back onto other Neopets stuff when they played...


Like one of my stories, I met a girl oh...7 years ago on there. I was 14 at the time, almost 15. And I still talk to her to this day, and she occasionally still plays Neopets. Longest term friend I've had. We text on cellphones, talk to each other on facebook and I've called her a couple times as well. I think thats really neat to have a friend for so long. Even if she is in another state.

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