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Beta Patch Notes 12/29/10

WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Member RarePosts: 3,247


·         A number of game stability and performance enhancements have been made.

Server stability has been improved. 


Bug Fixes:·   

  • Bank: After using the shared bank players should no longer receive an error when trying to login with a different character



  • Controller’s Power restoration mechanics have changed significantly. In general the “slot cost” of maintaining your group’s power was greatly reduced. You will be able to maintain a flexible loadout without having to devote the majority of your bar to Power restoration.

    • The first super power in each of the Controller trees will apply a Power regeneration over time buff to your entire party. These are combination Control+Power Restoration abilities. Specifically these abilities are: Taser Pull, Sticky Bomb, Telekinesis and Psychic Blades.

    • Defibrillator and Psychic Empowerment now restore Power instantly to the three most fatigued group members.

    • Battle Plan, Last Laugh, Final Fright and Presence have been removed.

    • Hide has changed significantly. Hide hides you instantly, de-taunts enemies so they will prefer to attack other targets and prevents a small amount of damage for a short time. It is now usable in combat, isn’t interruptible and is usable while controlled.

    • Grandeur has changed significantly. Grandeur applies breakout effect, de-taunts and prevents a small amount of damage for a short time. Usable while controlled.

    • Intimidation is now a weapon buff in the Tricks tree that adds damage and a chance to cause enemies to cower in fear.

    • Clown Box no longer restores power, costs power but also releases nerve gas when it ends stunning enemies and causing heavy damage. The Clown Box object now has more Health and must be smashed five times to be destroyed. It is tougher to break you out of it unless your enemy is some combination of fast, determined, powerful and willing to risk getting blasted in the face.

    • Cryo-foam and Cryo-field (formerly Energy Transfer Field) have made their triumphant return to the Traps tree.

    • Telekinetic Shield now costs power, has a lower cooldown and only prevents damage.

  • Descriptions for Controller abilities may not be accurate at this time. Debuff information could be missing or wrong. Damage Role bonus information is also wrong in a lot of cases. Level prerequisites should be correct. These will be correct in the next update.

  • Controls now affect a maximum of two targets.

  • Controls now apply additional hate to their targets.

  • Controller debuffs have changed. Generally, only the powers in tier 4 and 5 have debuff effects and only in the Controller role of course. The debuff is only applied to your primary target. The following cause a debuffing effect:

    • -25% Healing recieved: Cryo-foam, Bomb, Horrific Visage, Pyrokinesis

    • -493 Defense/Toughness (7% @lvl 30): Gauss Grenade, Stasis Field, Phantom Flames, Thought Bubble

    • -7% Damage output: Sleep Dart, Gag Glove, Terrorize, Cryokinesis

    • The maximum health debuff has been removed.

  • The 25% personal power regeneration penalty for Controllers was removed. It will be important to share this excess Power with group members through the use of Defibrillator or Psychic Empowerment.

  • Abilities have been moved around the Controller trees so your points should be reset.

    • The Damage Role buffs should be applying the appropriate bonuses for each given tier of power but as noted above the descriptions may not be updated yet.

    • Power costs and relative effectiveness of many powers have also changed based upon where they have been moved. Basically if something is in a lower tier then before it will cost more Power but have a commensurate increase in effectiveness.

  • Other changes

    • Increased the cooldown and cost of Hard Light Shield.

    • Consume Objects now applies a flat amount of healing to the Tank.

    • Arbiter of Destiny should get the Healing role bonus effects while using this Supercharge ability like intended.

    • Brawler’s ranged attacks will now trigger the hit counter.

    • The Brawler hit counter reset timer was extended slightly to improve game play.



  • General: Improved the font readability of many of UIs throughout the game

  • General: Text should no longer be cut off on many of the UI screens throughout the game

  • General: Improved gamepad navigation on many of the UI screens

  • Feats: Updated the gamepad button legend

  • Key Binding: Players can now change the key bound to Block in the key bindings

  • Key Binding: The Collections UI no longer shows ‘undefined’ when binding it to a key

  • Leagues: Improved messaging when creating a league

  • Leagues: Improved messaging when inviting players to a league

  • Leagues: Improved messaging when kicking players from a league

  • Leagues: Improved messaging when leaving or disbanding a league

  • Leagues: Improved messaging when renaming a league rank

  • Map: Map marker labels should no longer display as “[::]”

  • Map: Updated the appearance of the Warp Rally and Warp HQ buttons

  • Quest Objectives: Quest Objectives should no longer appear twice when choosing to accept a quest

  • Scorecard: Player names should no longer be duplicated on the scorecard

  • Social: Rank name changes should now update in the dropdown

  • Style: Category buttons should no longer display “Section” as the label

  • Trade: Stack quantities now display in the Trade UI

  • Trade: Stack splitting in the Trade UI now works with a gamepad

  • Trade: The stack splitting interface in the Trade UI has had an additional art pass

  • Vendors: The Vendor UI should no longer display a preview button for styles that are only allowed on the opposite gender (e.g. hairstyles)



  • Abilities: Increased the cooldown and cost of Hard Light Shield.

  • Abilities: Consume Objects now applies a flat amount of healing to the Tank.

  • Abilities: Arbiter of Destiny should get the Healing role bonus effects while using this Supercharge ability like intended.

  • Brawler: Brawler’s ranged attacks will now trigger the hit counter.

  • Brawler: The Brawler hit counter reset timer was extended slightly to improve game play.

·         Healing:

  • The price of Soder Colas has been reduced

·         Movement:

  • Players should no longer be able to occasionally get stuck with a reduced jump height when breaking out of an Encase effect

·         Repair:

  • Repair costs have been reduced

·         Rewards:

  • Players will now receive an additional reward for collecting all briefs in a storyline



·         Blinding Brother Eye:

  • Players can now re-enter this instance after completing the quest if desired

·         JSA – Jacked:

  • Wildcat should no longer get stuck allowing this quest to be completed



  • High-level DPS gear sets now have more Might and less Precision

  • Soder Cola MK-30 is now an item with charges, rather than a stackable consumable like normal Soder Colas

  •   Legends: The pre-order Batman is no longer auto granted to players

  • Icons: Addressed a number of mismatched item icons


Arena: PvP

  •  STAR Labs: The EMP console should now be usable by both teams throughout the match, not just the first team to use it


Exploration Quests

  • Exploration Quest kiosks should no longer be moved by player attack abilities that are triggered nearby



  •  Music: Added new Hero Music to Metropolis



  • City Traffic: Cars should no longer be overlapping when waiting at a traffic light

  • Player Characters: Adjusted the default skin colors for many of the player skins in Character Create

  • Player Characters: Checkerboard patterns should no longer appear on your shirt while on the Character Select screen

  • Player Characters: Female wings should no longer be misaligned while in flight

  • Player Characters: Player Characters will now use the correct animations after switching weapons while shapesshifted

  • Player Characters: Speedsters should now orient properly during combat and while falling



The devs did a good job of listening to the player base and redoing the controller changes from the last patch.

I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil


  • HeretiqueHeretique Member RarePosts: 1,525

    After being in CB for a while I am still surprised how fast they've rolled out the patches with what the community has been saying so we'll see.

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