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Seeking Help - Forum

xenoclixxenoclix Member UncommonPosts: 298

Hello all,


Didn't know the best place to put this but i would say off-topic would be best suited for it anyway!


Im in the process of organizing a forum/site for the MMO community, or gamers just in general and seeking some help in the meantime aswell.

I have the whole structure, ideas and process planned out, what it will be like and what the end "product" hopefully will be like. Of course things will change and some things will be stripped and added etc, and thats what i am seeking for. Some staff who might be interested in the same sort of goal, organizing a community for the gamers as a whole and who would like to work in a team to make this happen.

I wont go into big detail about the project and would like anyone who might be interested in joining a team making a new improved community to come PM myself and possibly find out more about it.


Thanks all!



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