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SWTOR: exploring and resource gathering

I am curious as to exactly how resource gathering and discovery of schematics, etc is handled in SWTOR.  I understand that your companions can do this while you do other stuff.

My question is, can you also do this?  I would like to be able to explore and find items as well.

Personally, I would prefer that your companions could not gather materials until your character actually found the resources first.  For example, you couldn't send your companions to gather material "A"  on planet "x" unless you have been there and found material "A" already.

Does anyone know if the main characters can do this?


  • ImixZinzImixZinz Member CommonPosts: 553

    Yes you can gather material or do missions or craft items on your own without your companions if you want to.

  • artemisentr4artemisentr4 Member UncommonPosts: 1,431

    You have to know the skill for any companion to harvest or craft. You have to find the schematics before your crew can use them. So I would think that you have to know where to find a material first before you can send your crew. But not for a fact, just a guess based on what has been said so far. But under the mission crew skills. You may be able to send a companion out for a chance to find x or y material. But it is a roll of the dice plus the mission reward. So you could go the mission route and avoid the harvest grind.


    As was said by the other post. You can harvest yourself. If you see something to harvest. You can send your companion to attack any mobs near by while you harvest. Or you can attack the mobs and send your companion to harvest. I beleive that crafting will have to be done by your companions. But I could be wrong. You could stand behind them and watch the progress bar though. Wouldn't that be the same thing? Finding schematics will be something you will do yourself. Unless a mission brings one back with a crit roll.

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  • whilanwhilan Member UncommonPosts: 3,472

    Thats everything we know about crafting up to point (you'll have to click on the crafting link or scroll down to it)

    Also on that same site you can hover your mouse over game info>game system>crew skills and you'll get some info there and a nice little video


    Basically the short version is, you have 3 skills you can pick. usually ones a crafting skill, and one is a mission skill the third is a wild card.  You or your companions can not craft anything that you do not already know.  Your companions know what you know with regards to crafting.

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