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Beware of Aerrevan

huntardhuntard Member Posts: 133

I normally do not post negative comments, even more so when its about fellow independent developers, however Aerrevan and staff have completely turned my stomach. Never in the years that i have been around seen such a horribly written commercial product and non responsive staff!

Not only are they purposely removing posts from their forums, but are completely ignoring their dwindled down player base to the points it has become a joke.

I purchased their early adopters special on November 18th, since then the client has been unplayable, plagued with cheats, exploits and countless client crashes.

I have personally seen games written with RealmCrafter Standard and the Torque MMOKit that are far more stable and better looking than the monstrosity of Aerrevan.

The game should have never been released in its current state and much less sold!

So much for $39.99 :(


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