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Android Release

RavZterzRavZterz Member UncommonPosts: 618

Just got the newsletter stating this.

We are looking at doing an "open beta" of the new Android version of

Vendetta Online, sometime in the very near future. Our goal has always

been to put out a public Android build before the end of the year. It

remains to be seen if we'll make that goal, but keep an eye on the site

(and the new Android forum) for details. This initial beta release will

not be officially available in the Android Market, it will instead target

technically-oriented individuals who are interested in more of a

"testing" experience, and who will be comfortable with a direct download

of the game package.


The Android release of Vendetta Online is currently intended for larger

tablet devices based on the NVIDIA Tegra 250 chip. We have no idea if

the game is compatible with non-Tegra tablets, or to what extent; that

kind of testing is part of what this release will be about.


We do wish to support phones as well, at a later point, but the user

interface and other aspects have not yet been optimized for "small"

devices. It may still be technically possible to run the game on certain

phones, but we caution people to not expect the game to run well (if at

all) on phones at the present time.



This game is perfect for the android.  I always felt it lacked too much content and graphic quality for a pc game when you compare it to other space games but as an android game it would be well worth it. 

They are also offering free trials and allowing inactive accounts from before sep 22 to play for free till Jan 1st, so if you have an android I recommend checking the game out.

Make games you want to play.


  • EvileEvile Member Posts: 534

    This game is not just for Androids. it is specifically made for the Tegra 2 dual core Nvidia.

    I got a Motorola Atrix last week and stumbled on the Nvidia tegra app. P.S. the Atrix ROCKS!

    Thank goodness Att offered me unlimited data for 30 (4gig plan is 45). Benifit of being with them so long.


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