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Don't try this horrible game

Slayer991199Slayer991199 Member UncommonPosts: 11

Ok, so even after i saw the horrible reviews this game got, i still decided to give it a try.  So after the fast install and patching, i started it up.  I loved the whole slashing goblins thing, yeah yeah, tutorial was nice, until i tried to take the shadows off.  The UI of the tutorial was blocking my apply button.  I didn't really mind, until i got to the city.  The cut scene animation is horrible, and i still couldn't change my settings.  I was also a little pissed about the camera angles and gender lock.  But despite all of that, i typed in  the global chat for a little assistance, (CHANNEL 1) and they were complete assholes.  So divine souls? horrible UI, Awful graphics, and horrible community.  Save yourself some time, don't install this game.

This seems interesting..


  • jihashijihashi Member Posts: 136

     Funny thing is, I said the same thing in my review. Only difference is, I didn't tell anyone not to try it. But your more than likely not the only one that experienced the assholeness of the community at large within DS. But what do you expect when you have a bunch of nerd rageing teenie bopers that play World of Warcraft all day?

  • Slayer991199Slayer991199 Member UncommonPosts: 11

    Your totally right, but i think i could save people that are looking for a good game some trouble

    This seems interesting..

  • NikojNikoj Member Posts: 57

    1.Horrible UI ?

    -The only time that block happens is on the tutorial, but then again it's OB so they'll fix it in the full release...

    The UI is excellent and easy to use I don't c what u saw that forced you to make this judgement since you only listed a minor thing that happens only in the tut area...

    2.Awful graphics ?

    Srsly... are yo blind ?!

    The graphics are far superior compared to other F2P games, even some P2P ones too, smells like flame to me ...

    3.Bad community ?

    It's a new game still in OB... It's bound to have a community like this lol, besides , every F2P game with free world chat gives this kind of impression since we all know who the majority of players are so I don't c why you'd whine about something like this if you played other F2P games... not to mention the fact that it's new and in OB again which means that a steady playerbase isn't formed yet...


    Then again I'm not sayin it's good, I just think that the things you listed are incorrect...

    The game is still full of bugs after 2 CBTs and the connection on the EU server is awful, to add the chery on top the server crashed and is down for the past 3 days with GMs offering nothing but apologies and remorse for the current events ... 

  • zellmerzellmer Member UncommonPosts: 442

    1 scary thread for sure...

  • TokyoSkiesTokyoSkies Member Posts: 2

    No I don't think he's a troll. He's just defending it.

    It's not even that bad. I reckon it's one of the better ones. Okay, it's obvious that the cut scenes aren't so good, and yeah, I swear most of the DS community ARE high, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. If you filter the chat, read the kinda-of-hard-to-read-help. Seriously, the graphics aren't that bad for a game that's still under-developed. (it's pretty expensive to get a nice game, I mean, Vindictus is lucky they have Nexon AND Valve.) No one's willing to give it a go anyway.

    IDK, you can go back to WoW if you want, I'm going to play this Hack&Slash game that actually is, Hack&Slash. I think that's the main point of the game anyway. Just nonsensical goblin killing.

    Oh and, this is probably the wider-world's alternative to a free version of Vindictus.

  • harry_watharry_wat Member Posts: 33

    Yeah the graphics aren't that bad. I remind Rival School on PS when  I saw the aerial combo thing in here. image


  • marganculosmarganculos Member UncommonPosts: 334

    LMAO this game is dead now... GG Outspark they bring down another game, what a sux publisher....

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,021

    Originally posted by marganculos

    LMAO this game is dead now... GG Outspark they bring down another game, what a sux publisher....

    that was fast.....

    edit: LIES..... the game is still available on outsparks website :/

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