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What is the worst pc game you have played?



  • EcabanaEcabana Member Posts: 95

    Even tho I agree that STO and Champions are not the best MMOs putting them as worst PC games is ridiculous. They are far worst PC games out there that was release let alone MMOs. Yes, they have their share of bad but no way are they are the worst.

  • ThomasBPGThomasBPG Member UncommonPosts: 86

    Dark and Light was hands down the worst pc/mmo I ever played. I preordered with all the other retards and Shut the game off about 3 hours after trying it...

  • JLVDBJLVDB Member Posts: 281

    Originally posted by Ecabana

    My worst game of all time is still E.T. on Atari 2600 and there's no way no game can beat that crapastic game.

    EDIT: Thinking about it the Zelda/Link series on the CD-i were pretty aweful too.

     It is an idiotic thread anyway, since there are  thousands of underdevelopped games made druing 30 years of video gaming.

    But I want to say grtz to those 3 dudes who mentioned "the" MMO though for having the worst taste in the history of humanity.

    Worst game is worst game, if you can't even see the criteria for this, it is time to go on sick leave.


    But indeed ET phone home (on any system) was a legendary one.

    Atari made 6 million cartridges or so and they sold 30.000 of them. Years later Tramiel (new Atari owner) needed dozens of truck rides to evacuate them from the Atari depot. After 6 years all the boxes were still laying there.

  • UnlightUnlight Member Posts: 2,540

    I'd find it much easier to list the top five games I enjoyed the most rather than those I liked the least.  The reason being is that they are memorable, while the crap is anything but.  There are literally dozens of games out there that I spent more time installing than I did playing because they sucked so spectacularly, but recalling them is tough.  I'd guess I'd have to say just about any console port except for GTA is the worst.  When I think of ports it makes my skin crawl, so the worst of the worst must be one of them. 

    Someone mentioned Witcher.  Yeah, I made that mistake too.

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    "The elder scrolls: Battlespire". Obsidian took Bethesdas wonderful "Daggerfall" (A lot better than Oblivion and Morrowind BTW) and turned it into a really crappy FPS game.

    It is possible that I lower the score because "Daggerfall" were so good, but I never forgiven Obsidian for this and NWN2. It was just aweful.

  • Zookz1Zookz1 Member Posts: 629

    Most of my horrible video game experiences were with consoles when I was a kid, but even then I didn't know it was a terrible game. I just thought it was a really hard game and played the hell out of it anyway. Games like Shaq Fu lol... man I miss those days of gaming.


    In terms of terrible PC games... Spore comes to mind.

  • MordothMordoth Member UncommonPosts: 65
    Risen was pretty horrible. Absolute worst character models I have ever seen in a contemporary PC game, story was pretty lame as well.
  • RadioMaryjaRadioMaryja Member UncommonPosts: 123

    the sims? its just ridiculously boring timewaster

    silverfall was bad aswell.


  • GrygoreGrygore Member UncommonPosts: 26

    Anyone ever play Dungeon Lords?

    No? Good....

  • QSatuQSatu Member UncommonPosts: 1,794

    Oblivion. It was so incredibly boring and the combat.. ugh I can't believe people want a game like this online or even consider it to be the best western rpg.. shrug.

    Worst mmo... Perpetuum. It was boring, uninspiring. I couldn't find 1 thing I liked about this game.

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