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Trying to start back up but.."The connection to the update server has been terminated"

DugathDugath Member Posts: 93

Today I decided to re-install and give it another go after a year off.

I have never had a problem with this game in the past. But now I can not seem to upday the game at all, and obviously I need to update. I looked on the "official" message boards all all they said was.. press start real fast.. or some other junk about bypasing the upday (again I need to update as I am installing the game).


Does anyone know of any real solution to this?

Besides watching it download files.. then when the connection gets lost, restart it..ect..ect.. Not too much fun ;)


  • ninjaladyninjalady Member Posts: 64

    It happends sometimes, if you just click on the start button b4 the error pops up, the game will run just fine.


  • DugathDugath Member Posts: 93

    Again.. I need to do the update.. by passing the update would do nothing for me as I need to download those files.

    N/M, It has been working all night. Could be because I stopped seeding a Torrent I had.

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