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LF Level 60 WoW Classic Guild EU

MichielMichiel Member UncommonPosts: 235

I bought Cataclysm a week ago after being gone for a year. It didn't take me long to start dreaming back of simpler times when I first started the game in 2006 when WoW was without expansions. I started wondering if there are more people like me who just want to (try) and relive old times. This need is mostly based on starting in september 2006, meaning I had only 4 months to enjoy the content before BC hit. 2 months were used to level and the rest was me learning the ropes. That's why I want to give it a second shot. My question consists of 2 parts; a method and a Guild.


Method: I'm planning on buying a new WoW account and only purchase basic. No matter what the installer/updater does, I won't have acces to content I don't want to see. The level cap should be 60 and the only thing different would be Azeroth changed by Cataclysm. But I can live with that. I'm just looking for confirmation that it can be done this way and that I'm not overlooking any flaws.


Guild: I'm looking for a EU Guild with the same intentions as me and a hard level 60 cap. The Guild should also do level 60 raids and just relive old content. 


I'm having a hard time finding posts about this subject since looking through Google just gets me blank pages on WoW forums. That's why I'm trying this way. I'll watch this post carefully, so please do not hestitate to respond or PM me if you're in a Guild who would have me and is on the European servers.

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