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(A) The Prism Guard - Small LGBT Guild on Hellscream EU

WaveyWavey Member UncommonPosts: 11


As the title of this post suggests, I'm here to tell you about a guild on World of Warcraft. Cool, no? 

We're based on the Hellscream EU realm, and we're a small group of friends who've decided to band together to create a loving mish-mash of raid experience, lore knowledge, mild interest in those unending quest chains and general giggles. 

Having all been former members of a much larger (and equally welcoming) LGBT guild on the Hellscream realm, we found that the ever-increasing size of the guild lead to things becoming a little impersonal, so we branched off in the hope of creating an environment where everyone knows each other, and where we can all enjoy each others' company. 

We're happy to accept any type of player, from the completely inexperienced to the pimped out raider (although please note we'll be running a largely social guild until we have enough players with sufficient gear to raid), and there are no set level or class prerequisites , so if you don't have any characters on Hellscream and you fancy starting a new one with us, feel free. 

So, as long as you've got a good sense of humour and an enthusiasm for fun, give us a shout! Type /who The Prism Guard in WoW chat and speak to Athenie, Daxtan, Rhora or Wavrin, or visit and let us know what you're about! 

With Love, 


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