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AMCs Walking Dead

LeucentLeucent Member Posts: 2,371

It s a great show. Thats all.


  • FibsdkFibsdk Member Posts: 1,112

    I thought so too in the beginning but I find myself fast forwarding through all the boring touchy feely, sit around a campfire singing kumbaye crap a little too often.

    I get it, we are suppose to understand the motivation, angst and stress etc etc. We already have lots of shows that have tons of melodrama fillers in between. When I load up a zombie show I want to see some friggin zombies. Not people sitting around sharing their feelings. Exact same reason I find myself fast forwarding through almost 50% of SGU when it's on.

  • FlubbsFlubbs Member Posts: 50

    great show. the 2nd season doesnt come on till october 2011 :(

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