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General: 2010 Awards: Favorite MMO Company



  • lovitime57lovitime57 Member Posts: 1

    Arenanet are producing new fresh and inovative ideas that will hopefully bear fruit in GW2. So they get my vote of confidence.

    It couldn[object Window]t hut the industry if more developers started to think outside the square and occassionally take a leap of faith.  MMo developers need to pull more of the young tallent from unitecs. Also I feel that an unquantifiable number of games suffer from poor beta testing. Im not sure if this is the result of poorly managed alpha betas. But I often find myself pondering how on earth did that bug get through? Is the right feedback being placed so the developers can get there groove on. 2010 has been a year of slow content updates, patchy patches, and often embaressing rewards.

    I refuse to play wow.

  • nielsniels12nielsniels12 Member Posts: 1

    It was clear right away, not a difficult choice. ArenaNet! loved gw 1, now cant wacht for gw 2.

  • peterthesticpeterthestic Member Posts: 1

    wizard101 totaly cool all round


  • ngldbongldbo Member Posts: 2

    imperia online


  • flyforshineflyforshine Member Posts: 18

    Arena net!!

    for creating gw1 which I stil play.

    And for the most awesome upcoming game evaah:

    Guild Wars 2

  • MurashuMurashu Member UncommonPosts: 1,385

    Arena Net and Bioware being mentioned says alot about players and how they are affected by hype. Neither company has ever released an MMO yet people are voting for them as their favorite MMO company? Too funny.


    I was torn between CCP and Blizzard, but I think I'll go with CCP.

  • PashtaPashta Member Posts: 19

    Trion Worlds.  They listen to the gamers.  Keep rocking guys and gals!!

    - Lady Pashta

  • kaliniskalinis Member Posts: 1,428

    First off arena net had guild wars 1 so they did have an mmo out . As for bioware yea until tor comes out they have never releases an mmo so they reallly dont count.

    Blizzard is the best mmo company out there i dont care what wow haters spew until another mmo company comes out with anything that comes close to wows success they are king of the mmo landscape.

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