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How many vehicles are in the game?

EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

How many/what type of vehicles can players drive in the game? Are new types still being added?


  • rejaxrejax Member Posts: 5

    not including spaceships there are 5 vehicles, x34 landspeeder, speederbike, speederbike swoop, av-21 landspeeder, and flash speeder for those who preordered JTL. Yes I'm sure more are comming.

  • memnochenkilmemnochenkil Member Posts: 3

    actually there are 6 vechicles. all those that were mentioned plus the Jetpack which is forged in the DWB.

  • JodokaiJodokai Member Posts: 1,621

    Has anyone actually built a jet pack yet?

  • memnochenkilmemnochenkil Member Posts: 3

    there are a few on other servers on mine (bria) there are 13 that my guild has. we are the only guild to have made anything from the dwb so far.

  • ArtifacTArtifacT Member Posts: 222

    yeah ive seen 6 all together in chilastra but i hink all those ppl quit playing the game

  • loke81loke81 Member Posts: 43
    quite a bunch o jp on ahazi

    "Who am I to blow against the wind?"

    "Who am I to blow against the wind?"

  • AbemonAbemon Member Posts: 203

    what the hell is DWB?!

  • cdapolitocdapolito Member Posts: 9

    DWB is the DeathWatch Bunker on Endor.  the DeathWatch are a group of Mandolorian wanna-bes.  The DWB is where you go with 20+ people to get your booty handed to you by SBD (Super Battle Droids) while trying to change looted Bounty Hunter Armor into Mandolorian and to get the parts to make a jetpack

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