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Dear MMORPG staff .

I want to thank you for handling this site , and the wonderfull staff that has host this site .

The wonderfull article that make me smile from day to day .

Or the articles that make sad from day to day .

This only a speculation and a voice of concern .


But i want to speak up about the punishing of our loyal customer (which i feel part of as a community ) base in the RIFT topic .

NDA probelm was TIRION problem , in a way they mis placed you shall not speak about being in the beta .

That NDA was already broken before problems arise , in the way beta key were sent , beta invites handled .

It already showed who is in the BETA who isn´t , that they are not setup to handle negativity .

[Mod Edit] 

But punishing people for speaking up there opnion or speculation , is very harsh , especially those who I see as valuable people on this site .


No i am not in RIFT beta or signed up for there NDA (first thing you get to read before accepting)

So i can freely speculate about things , but i find the punishment in RIFT about the NDA not fair .


So anything you as a mmorpg staff can do about the amount of punishments .


  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    This has been forwarded to our CM, Michael Bitton. Thanks. Locked.

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