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Games deleted off my HD

UnleadedRevUnleadedRev Member UncommonPosts: 568

1) Aion deleted after 1 week... why do game developers feel that doing the same thing over and over and over again is fun? Its not.

2) League of Legends deleted after the first 5 minutes...people like this game why?

3) Bloodline Champions deleted after 30 minutes...FunCom should fix Age of Conan first before ever developing any other game ever.

4) Forsaken World..cancelled the huge download when I realized its made by "Perfect World".

5) 2 Worlds...deleted after the first 5 mins of gameplay because the voice dialog made me want to slit my wrists...oh yeah no surprise its a Square Enix game.

6) Perpetuum deleted after 30 minutes of gameplay...its not a sleeper title, its a sleeper.

7) Shadowrun...biggest waste of .99 ever..yes, Microsoft was selling it for 99 cents...gee now I know why LOL

8) Vinticus..loaded twice and deleted twice....why do people like this game?

9) Heroes of Newerth..now I know why there were so many BETA key available...deleted after first 5 mins.

ok...now the good news!



3) WoW Cata = PENDING, but my hopes are high.

Lesson learned...if Gamespot has not reviewed the game after its been out awhile its probably not worth reviewing.

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  • DedthomDedthom Member Posts: 541

    Thank you for this information. The games you deleted gives me a list of games to look into.

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  • IlliusIllius Member UncommonPosts: 4,142

    1.  Some people find games like that fun.  Obvoiusly there's enough of them to make those games profitable.

    2.  LoL is fun onece in a while.  People play it for the competition, and a lot of shit talking.

    3.  Never played Bloodline Champions

    4.  Didn't like the other stuff "Perfect World" made.

    5.  2 Worlds I never got around to actually playing.  However bad voiceovers are not enough to make me stop playing a game.

    6.  Isn't Perpetuum the one with the Mechs based on the same ideas as EvE?

    7.  *shrug*

    8.  Vindictus is fun if you want to kill 1 hour every now and again.  I like it because of the full control over my character.  I can make him swing his weapon the way I want, when I want.  He will dodge in the direction I choose when I choose.  I find it very responsive and smashing shit is rather relaxing.  Can't play it for very long but for the short time I do I find it fun.

    9.  Heroes of Newerth is full of DOTA players, people I couldn't stand in DOTA that I have no interest in putting up with in another game.

    I didn't enjoy Mass Effect and therefore saw no reason to play the 2nd one

    Dragon Age was way more story then game to me.  I'll stick to the older titles they've made in the past.

    Anything to do with WoW can eat my ass.  I have no love and no interest for that game.

    The only coralation I see between these games and Gamespot is that whoever runs the games didn't spend enough money to line the pockets of the Gamespot reviewers.

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  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    All that this tells me is that you should lay off the MMOs, and stick to single-player games. This genre obviously just isn't for you.

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