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General: 2010 Awards: New Game of the Year



  • gauge2k3gauge2k3 Member Posts: 442

    The question here is, if none of the above wins, do they not hand out the award?  Or does it go to second best.  Because if it goes to second best, you all just wasted your vote.

  • brostynbrostyn Member Posts: 3,092

    The only two possible choices to win are Perpetuum or Vindictus. I had to go with Perpetuun. Vindictus just doesn't differentiate itself enough from all the other games out there. Its at least playable and enjoyable for a short time.

  • MnemiMnemi Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Caan you vote none of the above two times?

  • cheyanecheyane Member EpicPosts: 6,514

    Sorry it was none of the above; what a sorry selection.

  • carrie101carrie101 Member UncommonPosts: 4

    i think final fantasy is the best game.hope it wins

  • apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

    I understand it's in alphabetical order, but "None of the ABOVE" should be at the bottom of the list.


  • TheFighterTheFighter Member Posts: 90

    For as long as I've been playing MMOs. Mortal online is the only game thats brought anything new.

  • RadioMaryjaRadioMaryja Member UncommonPosts: 123

    Lego !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627

    To those complaining about for actually adding "None of the Above" to the list...have you seen the list?   One of the games is still in beta - though people are paying to play it - MO(and it is in terrible shape right now).   Star Trek Online is slowing dying due to the fact that the game just plain sucks.    Vindictus is good for about an hours worth of game play befopre it gets to repetative.    FFXIV is just borked all around...the game is so boring.    Perpetuum - is just EVE, but instead of big effing spaceships, its all about big effing robots - the PvE of this game is abysmal as well.   Global is not even an MMORPG and about as much fun as watching paint dry.    Lego Universe is an MMO aimed at kids...there is nothing in it for adults - cool - think Free Realm but with legos.  

    Seriously....there is nothing this year that warrants praise.  

  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Originally posted by Teala

    Seriously....there is nothing this year that warrants praise.  

    Says you.

    Plenty of people are enjoying MO, all over lego, and play Vindictus daily. The only argument as to why the most complete/polished games shouldn't be on the list is the old "they aren't MMOs" horsecrap that has dried up into a white lump already. Vote on something, anything, and don't let douchebaggery tempt you to vote none-of-the-above simply because you are a ball of hate.

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  • semajinsemajin Member UncommonPosts: 47

    I didn't see the none of the above choice listed!!!!


  • twruletwrule Member Posts: 1,251

    I also think it's ridiculous to have a "none of the above" option when you're asking for the best out of a set of something, but anyway:

    I voted for Global Agenda because it surprised me with its polish, differentiated classes/skills, variety of playstyles, and overall fun factor.  Vindictus was a very close runner-up and it could have gone either way, but I ended up staying interested in Global Agenda a bit more, and from the way the devs listen to their community, I can see that game growing into something great.

    I haven't played Perpetuum but it looks like it has potential too.  LEGO Universe looks like it'll be polished and do what it attempts to do well also. 

    This was actually a pretty decent year for the smaller/indy devs, and yet (surprise, surprise) the community hypocritically doesn't support them when they are finally coming out with solid products for us.  I wonder how many of you voting "none of the above" actually seriously tried at least 3 out of the 7 games on this list.

  • WollkneulWollkneul Member Posts: 17

    I voted for MO.

    Not because it is good ore something.

    Because it is the only game I see with a decent future and a vision behind it. The rest is mindless exchangeable crap

  • jalokojaloko Member Posts: 41

    None of the above is ridiculous. Just vote for the best of the worst or don't vote at all. One game has to be better than the other, this is why we don't have a lot of game reviewers most new generation people have no gaming palette.


    I voted for Vindictus:

    Out of all of these games vindictus was the most intriguing. The game play is nice and it beats the droll click and sit games that are out right now. There are some things they need to work on, but if I had to choose, Vindictus would be the game I hope to see win the award.

  • djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578

    I voted for Vindictus as well. It does get a bit repetitive for me though.

  • elistrangeelistrange Member Posts: 157

    I don't want to be a hater, but I have to agree that this year was not impressive for MMOs. I voted none of the above. 

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  • Let's see...


    FFXIV- I heard it's better now, but the release crashed all my hopes. No vote from me.

    Global Agenda- Not that interested in it, can't say much about it, no vote from me.

    LEGO Universe- Same as Global Agenda

    Mortal Online- Too unfinished at the moment, has potential, but bad rumours make me a bit cautious about this one

    Perpetuum- Not my type of game

    STO- Do I even need to begin how wrong it is to have STO on the list for "best new game 2010?"

    Vindictus- Sounds interesting, but wait...I'm from Europe, so I can't play (yet). No play, no vote.


    So now, I'm sad to say I join the group of the "haters" and my vote goes for...

    none of the above :(.

  • gobikgobik Member Posts: 19

    And I thought only I don't  see those games as amazing.

    none of the above

    Fortunately, next year looks interesting :)

  • drakes821drakes821 Member UncommonPosts: 531

    Originally posted by Lumanil

    Originally posted by danJ188

    I had to vote for Vindictus, since half the games listed had less content then a f2p action-oriented game that really is cloudy on if it's an mmo or not.


    FF14, Star Trek, Mortal..these games had no content. HAVE no or little content. Some of these games are blockbuster's supposedly. I don't see it.


    Mortal... no content ??? Really ???? I don't like this game, but this is too much of a lie.

    It seems, that you don't know what a "sandbox game" means.

    No quests doesn't mean a game doesn't have content.


     lol at the guy who thinks Mortal Onine has content.

    Voted FFXIV. Its short on content, but I think in a couple of months from now it will be the best out of those choices.

  • flydowntomeflydowntome Member Posts: 106
    None of the above. Out of all of them Vindictus is probably the best, but I can't consider it an MMO as opposed to an online mode of a ps3 game with a cash shop.
  • IneveraskforthisIneveraskforthis Member Posts: 374

    None of the above get another vote

    Vindictus is not even a MMO, it lacks the first M in MMO

  • AlienShirtAlienShirt Member UncommonPosts: 621

    I didn't really realize what a sad year 2010 was for new MMORPG releases until I looked over the nominees.

    I agree with many other posters above me that there needs to be a None of the Above option.

  • hammarushammarus Member UncommonPosts: 196

    Since I don't believe none of the above is really an option:

    Vindictus: Not an MMO, not even an MO, just O.

    Final Fantasy XIV, what can I say, just plain sucked.

    Global Agenda: "This is a game?"

    Lego Universe: Perhaps if I were 6 years old

    Mortal Online: Completely unfinished, perhaps with 3 years more development.

    Perpetuum: Interesting if a tad bit boring.  Perhaps will survive, EvE'like in flavor, but a bit dry.

    Star Trek Online: Worst failure I've seen in a long time, no wait... just another in a long line.

  • M4koM4ko Member Posts: 385

    Game of the Year out of such a crappy list? Dont you editors means Choose one the Games that gave us most money for advertisement.  Yea we know times are hard, have to make a buck here and there. Nice shit list.

  • spookydomspookydom Member UncommonPosts: 1,782

    Had to vote none of the above. I hate beeing so negative but at the same time I'm not voting for a game I don't like for the sake of it. The only one on the list I have not tried is Vindictus as I am from the UK. Dev's take note and sort your crap out.

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