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General: 2010 Awards: New Game of the Year



  • KothosesKothoses Member UncommonPosts: 893

    Only Global agenda and Vindictus even deserve to be anywhere near that list, shows how crap 2010 was for mmos thats for sure.


    STO, FFXIV Mortal Online, any other trainwrecks/car crashes you want to stick on there?

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  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    Originally posted by mmoguy43

    Hey, you can't say that of all of the games that are out none of them are good!

    This Non of the above option is just fueling the jaded MMO rage.


    Yerp, it's just an outlet to say "I'm angry", and will no doubt end up the highest tally of all because everyone here is a greasy ball of rage that dwells under bridges. They might as well have added something like "cheese sandwich" that smug people would have voted for.

    I voted Vindictus, because it's fun, and easily the best one out of all of those listed.

    See? I actually did something productive here.

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  • Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,637

    Its sad to see that no real big MMO's where released this year..


    Lego online is by far the most innovative game

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  • KillHurtKillHurt Member Posts: 347

    Wow...worst list ever. If anything it would be Vindictus, but I still went with None.


  • sibs4455sibs4455 Member UncommonPosts: 369

    it was a close call for me .. sto nearly had me!, but in the end i had to go for none of the above.

  • dinamsdinams Member Posts: 1,362

    Vindictus deserves it more than the rest

    But it was a tough call nonetheless

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  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 12,430

    This shows you how few good releases we have had this year. So few in fact that Vindictus, Perpetuum, Mortal Online and Lego Universe have only just had a staff review. I think someone at realised that they were going to have only three MMO’s for best MMO of the year and said “bloody hell, get some reviews done!” :)


    But it is worse than that, not all of these MMO’s have had a full review, just a laughable ‘first look’. FFIVand Perpetuum are yet to have a proper review. Yet they appear on this list which is not right.


    Once again F2P gets its own category, F2P games would not get a look in otherwise that’s how bad they all are. The Turbine model and GW is not F2P, just in case that needs mentioning again.

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  • dinamsdinams Member Posts: 1,362

     MMORPG made me realize how fail this year was mmo-wise lol

    "It has potential"
    -Second most used phrase on existence
    "It sucks"
    -Most used phrase on existence

  • ComanComan Member UncommonPosts: 2,171

    Originally posted by zigmund

    None of the above.

    2010 was a really bad year for mmo's.

    Tired of playing the crummy same old same old games dev's keep making.

    In fact I didn't subscribe to or play one.

    Waiting for Rift and GW2.

    I can understand you being unimpressed by all those games, but they are all vastly different from each other and most from what is currently in the market that I would not say that it the crummy same old again. Looking at just this list I see a good development of companies trying new things and some failing in it, but that is part of the process. 

  • ShinamiShinami Member UncommonPosts: 825

    None of the above...


    2010 = Horrible year for MMORPGs 


    None of the games deserve my vote as they were some of the most ridiculous and most disappointing concept which truly screwed over the buyers and testers of the games themselves. Not ony do they NOT DESERVE anything VOTE from me, but they deserve my FULL WRATH. 


    I view this in the SAME WAY I VIEW the three major consoles.. They are just Experiments in new technologies and way of doing things. They all represent a mixed bag which robs from the overall experience and a time for trying new things. In short, everyone is going fishing to see what they catch. However, it means if done correctly, the NEXT generation of MMORPGs and next generation of consoles (and computers) are going to truly be a killer spectacles.


    These last four to five years to me has really been downtime for all gaming in general with players just taking up the latest scrap for the sake of playing games and keeping an oversaturated industry desperate to be forced to branch out from dying. 

  • KilrainKilrain Member RarePosts: 1,178

    While I like MO and have faith in its future, i can't help but say.. Bad year?

  • Hellfyre420Hellfyre420 Member Posts: 861

    Not praticularly fond of any of the games on that list but i voted for Prepetuum as it is a decent game especially since its made by a 10man team.. I think they deserve to win this for sure!


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  • VazertVazert Member Posts: 60

    That was an easy pick. None of the above for the win. What would be difficult is to pick the worst of the year. lol

  • RuellisRuellis Member Posts: 48

    Voted MO. It is a game people talked a lot in hot discussions. Some love it, some hate it. All of them have only this game in their mind.

    However, 2010 is not the year for Mortal Online. 2011 will be!



  • Binny45Binny45 Member UncommonPosts: 518

    Wow, I'm curious as to how many people here wear black eye liner and sit around writing dark poetry about their hidden love for Edward Cullen.

    Holy Crap people! Lighten up!  Shame on MMORPG.Com for putting the none of the above option there.  This isn't to decide what game ISN'T game of the year, but to decide what one is.  If the editor is reading this, have a chat with this person who put this together will you?  If they're that jaded about games enough to feed the trolls, maybe they shouldnt be writing here anymore. 


  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,587

    Sad you have such a mediocre lineup for new game of the year honors.  I finally had to select Perpetuum.  At least they have a unique style and I like to support indie studios that like to stretch the genre some.

    If you voted for Vindictus, it is NOT a MMO and should not be on this list.  If Vindictus wins, I will again point that out.

  • DubhlaithDubhlaith Member Posts: 1,012

    I am another none of the above vote. This was just a terrible year for games, in a general sense. Just terrible.

    "Gamers will no longer buy the argument that every MMO requires a subscription fee to offset server and bandwidth costs. It's not true — you know it, and they know it." —Jeff Strain, co-founder of ArenaNet, 2007

    WTF? No subscription fee?

  • LahuzerLahuzer Member UncommonPosts: 782

    Originally posted by Ruellis

    Voted MO. It is a game people talked a lot in hot discussions. Some love it, some hate it. All of them have only this game in their mind.

    However, 2010 is not the year for Mortal Online. 2011 will be!




    Agree. But they still get my vote cause none of the other games has the POTENTIAL, yeah, I said it, that MO does. And even in it´s current staight, it´s a blast to play. Don´t belive the nei sayers.

  • davidemo89davidemo89 Member Posts: 58

    Mortal Online, best innovative game of the year.

  • iewcceiewcce Member Posts: 1

    Voted Mortal Online. Great game, alot of fun. The only mmorpg i really got in to.

  • Methos12Methos12 Member UncommonPosts: 1,242

    Now when I read this and think in retrospect... wow, 2010 really was disappointing and borderline bad year for MMOs. Voted for none.

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  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Member UncommonPosts: 4,775

    I'm with most in this thread, horrible year for MMO's. I voted Vindictus but I'd rather have had a none of the above option. 


    MO- Horrible bug ridden mess that simply isn't worth playing. 

    FFXI - didn't fair to much better. 

    Global Agenda - Yeah... a watered down APB in space (I'd have voted for APB lol)

    Lego U - Yeah... I guess it's neat and all but I just wasn't impressed or interested :( 

    STO - lol.... why even include this one. 

    Perpetuum - Low budget EvE. Over all it was playable but... well just lacked a lot that makes EvE so unique while actually being a slower play game than EvE. 


    Vindictus - While I hate voting for it as MMO of the year it's by far the best done and most fun of the ones listed. 


    Frankly that makes me sad. 2011 desperately needs to be a better year for MMO's lol. I don't think we picked up many new MMO players this year and I'm sure we lost many older players due to some huge let downs.. 


    FFXI, MO and STO being the biggest overall let downs of the year. 


    This really should be a poll for worst game of the year so that we could find out which of the 3 was the biggest disappointment of the year. 

  • deathshrouddeathshroud Member Posts: 1,366

    voted MO, it should either be MO or perpetuum that get this. The rest arent even worth mentioning in my opinion.

    there are 2 types of mmo, imitators and innovaters.

  • DrakadenDrakaden Member UncommonPosts: 138

    I voted Vindictus, i think it's a nice progression toward how combat gaming should ressemble.

  • abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131

    i voted for GA , i had fun playing it for a little while think i had 80 hours in it(according to steam) and i bought the game.while none of the games was all that great, seemed idiotic to vote "none of the above". yeah the games this year sucked but there was games released and one is better than the rest even if not by much. this year kinda falls into that ol' saying "its like winning the special olympics".

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